The Best Ministry Moment Yet


Last night was one of the most rewarding ministry moments of my entire life.
This past weekend we took a group of over 30 people (mostly youth ages 14-27) to a retreat/conference with the new church we are helping to plant and minister in.
To be completely honest, the weekend started off slightly uncomfortable, with much of the ministry being something I’m not used to.
I think what changed it for me was seeing the youth we brought having encounters with the Lord that were ROCKING their world.
Youth that were either new Christians or not Christians at all.
Youth that were using drugs every day,
youth who worked with a gang,
youth who had been abused by their family,
youth who had so much hate and resentment in their hearts,
youth who are desperately searching for love in all the wrong places.
They came back changed in a way I have never seen before in my entire life, and I’ve been going to church since I was a baby.

Everyone says, and the truth is that it usually happens: That people, and especially youth, will come back from a retreat on a spiritual high, and it won’t last. They’ll just go back to the same habits and life they were living before.

I chose and am choosing every day to believe and pray that this will not happen with our new warriors.

Last night we had our first church service since coming back from the retreat.
Our usual attendance is never more than 20 people on a good night, and Mario’s family makes up the majority.
Last night we had over 50 people attend.
And they weren’t people that had just heard about our church…they were family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors of all the youth that went on the retreat.
They brought their mothers who at one time had said they don’t love them, their siblings that they had denied for years, their children who had never seen the inside of a church building, and their neighbors that they had gossiped about and laughed at.

Their faces are changed. There’s an actual physical change in their appearances and the way they carry themselves.
They couldn’t stop smiling, the mouths were full of AMENs and GOD BLESS YOUs.
They had been watching the whole retreat how the leaders would be the first to lay hands on those who need prayers, the first ones to start singing and lifting their hands up to heaven, the first to help and support the pastor with whatever the Lord put on his heart.
As the message ended and we entered into a time of worship and prayer, and an invitation to be a part of this revolution, our warriors took on their new roles without anyone telling them what to do. They worshiped the Lord with all their hearts but kept an eye on the others, scurrying over to someone who was crying to lift their hands up and pray blessings over their soul.

I was humbled beyond words. Youth that I, before, would have never even dreamed about even inviting to church stood in front of the congregation and told their testimonies of how God changed their hearts. In front of everyone they asked their families to forgive them, they asked to be held accountable to not return to their past, and they declared their commitments to the Lord.
They cried as their siblings that they had invited stepped forward and accepted the challenge of living for Christ.

It was incredible.

Afterward, the pastor got the youth together and we went to three houses to pray for families that the Lord had put on the pastor’s heart. That was a whole OTHER experience.
These youth were not all friends before the retreat. Some of them were even enemies. They had some serious beef with each other.
But the last day of the retreat, and from then on, that hate and resentment was banished from our group.
Walking down the roads of Porvenir, everyone was holding hands, and telling each other I LOVE YOU and I CARE ABOUT YOU and WHAT’S WRONG and WE’LL PRAY ABOUT THAT!
After prayer, we had a meeting and the pastor explained what the next few weeks would look like.
We are so passionate that this fire will not be put out.
These warriors have their schedule, their jobs, and their responsibilities. I truly think structure and taking ownership will be the keys to not losing the “spiritual high”.


More than ever these guys need prayers. God took them out of some HEAVY stuff, and it could be so easy to return.
If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, you know that although many things become more easier after letting God take control of your life, the devil comes in SO strong to tempt and destroy and take back what he thinks is his.

Help me in proclaiming DELIVERANCE and REDEMPTION over these new lives and for the Holy Spirit to transform their minds and old ways of thinking.
Pray for their unity, and for the direction the group should go in.

Pray for our church building! The one we don’t have yet!
Right now we’re meeting at Mario’s house, and we don’t fit anymore. There aren’t enough chairs or space.
We’re looking at a couple of properties, but we also need the Lord to provide the funds.

You guys.
I am SO HONORED to be part of something so extraordinary.

Thank you thank you thank you for helping me with your prayers and financial support to be able to live here and experience the Kingdom of God in new ways every single day!



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Falling into the Depths, into Infinity

The thing about love, or any other feeling really…

If you’ve never experienced it, you don’t understand it.

There are complexities that you can’t even begin to know to include in your expectations.

There are depths,

There are layers….so many layers.

The changes of the heart,
The countless emotions.


My understanding of God started so simply, as all great loves do.

He was righteous, powerful, mighty, just, loving…

There were ways to include Him in my life, to let Him be a part of my human experience.

There was my everyday God, the knowledge of something greater above me, around me, inside me. Something looking out for my good and holding my life in His hands.
I was aware of His presence.

I also had a God who touched me at times, squeezed my heart a little tighter than I was used to. This brought tears sometimes, an emotional tearing down of self-built walls.
Spiritual highs…as they like to say at Bible camp.

There were the two experiences.
The two sides of God.
The two levels I could feel.

But there had to be more to be felt.

As I spent time intentionally inviting the Spirit to come and show me the Father’s heart, the undoing began.

I thought He was a finite God…I thought He could be contained in the walls of my understanding.

I never knew I could be loved in so many ways, forms, and fashions.
I never knew I could be so excited to see what new way the Lord was going to show me His heart.

The experiences that I have been opening myself up to lately have been absolutely rocking my world. Shaking the very earth beneath my feet.

I’m almost a little ashamed to say I’m just now realizing how much I don’t understand the infiniteness of God’s love.
How very simple.
How very quaint.

The deepness of ABBA is immense.
I feel like I could drown in it.
And I think that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’m working on taking down the barriers of my expectations of God, the things holding me back from letting Him be infinite, and letting Him in His timing show me each layer.

He is vast, and large, and impossible to contain.

My union with Him is the greatest, most marvelous treasure I’ve ever wanted and had as my own.


The dream of my heart that I’ve been praying over these past few months is to become a person Pure of Heart.
I want to naturally want things of the Lord.
I want it to be easy to want to be a genuinely good person.

And I think,
the way that God is transforming me, little piece by little piece,
is by covering me in His bigness.
Overcoming me with His presence.
Opening my mind to the infinite.
Guiding me into a place of losing myself for all that He is.

Oh, the Wonder of it all.