Living Water/Agua Viva

Let me explain my personality, and maybe you can relate:

Ever since I can remember (and my parents tell me I was like this from the moment I was born), I fight to get what I want. If there’s something I want to go after, there is no convincing me that I won’t get it if I work hard enough. This has it’s redeeming qualities – I fight for what I love and don’t give up when things get tough, I go after things that frighten me just to conquer them, and I’ve accomplished things out of pure determination not to fail. I compete with myself constantly to show that I can be bigger and better.


When there are obstacles in my life that I truly can’t do anything about, when I can’t convince someone of what I think they need to know or feel, and when situations are completely out of my control to change, I get frustrated and defeated. I feel like I’ve failed.

I go hard and I go fast, and my entire life I’ve been an intense person. As fierce as I love, failure is just as earth shattering.

When I come to road blocks in the places of my life where I want to continue, it’s very hard for me to accept. I feel drained, spent, burnt out. I put all my energy into something, and all my energy  isn’t enough.

Does anyone else feel this way?

These past couple weeks I have been doing some heavy reflection on my heart and from where I’m drawing energy to go so hard at the main challenges of my life right now. Why have I felt so insufficient lately?

I was reading John 4 and it jumped out at me so obviously that I couldn’t miss it.

Jesus has such a kind and gentle way of explaining these huge mysteries to us, that I think sometimes they seem so simple that we don’t look for the big message He’s trying to get to us. In John 4, He explains to a woman at the well that the water He offers, living water, is so much better than anything she could get from that ordinary well. He says,
“Everyone who drinks from this water will get thirsty again. But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again. In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.”

I have my own personal well inside me. I draw from my own strength and energy and reservoir of love, and sometimes, I hit the bottom of the well and it’s completely dry. Many times, I am stretching out that last bucket of water and making every drop count.
I am left feeling hurt, because I wasn’t enough.
I’m tired of loving, because what I give from my own well is my personal supply, and I’m doling it out bucket after bucket.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what my purpose in life was, what did I feel called to do with my one life.
My first instinct was to say, “Help people!”, because that’s what makes me feel useful. I love feeling useful.
But a few days ago, God asked me if I remembered what He first told me years ago when I was starting to ask Him what He wanted me to do with my life.
And I remembered that what He told me He created me for wasn’t to “help” people.
I was called to love. To love and to love and to love and to pour out even more love, and through that God was going to work in His way and in His time.

Truthfully, no one needs my help. It’s impossible for me to “fix” anyone. But what everyone needs is love and grace. Once you start to love someone and see them as God does, it’s easy to see how you can be useful in their life.

The past couple years I have been drawing from my very limited supply of love. I’ve tried to love people my way and with the few resources I have. That love has an end to it, a limit that I seem to reach over and over again.

So this week God has been gently reminding me to draw from His well that He provides me. He has been inviting me to drink of His living water until that well becomes a part of me and I never feel thirsty again. He’s encouraging me to love on people but not from what I think I can give them. He’s showing me that when I draw from His unending supply of living water, love doesn’t have to hurt, it doesn’t have to drain me, and it can be the most beautiful, liberating thing.

Permítanme explicar mi personalidad, y tal vez puedes identificarse:

Desde que puedo recordar (y mis padres me dicen que yo era así desde el momento en que nací), yo he luchado para conseguir lo que quiero. Si hay algo que deseo, no me puedes convencer de que no lo conseguiré si lucho lo suficiente. Esto tiene sus cualidades redentoras – lucho por lo que amo y no me rindo cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles, enfrento las cosas que me asustan sólo para conquistarlas, y he logrado metas solo por la pura determinación de no fallar. Compito constantemente con mi misma para demostrar que puedo ser más grande y mejor.

Sin embargo…

Cuando no puedo hacer nada con algunos obstáculos en mi vida, cuando no puedo convencer a alguien de lo que creo que necesitan comprender o sentir, y cuando las situaciones están fuera de mi control para cambiar, me siento frustrada y derrotada. Siento que he fallado.

Voy duro y voy rápido, y toda mi vida he sido una persona intensa. La intensidad con que demuestro amor es la misma con que caigo cuando fallo.

Cuando llego a las barricadas de la vida en lugares donde quiero seguir, es muy difícil para mí aceptar que me tengo que detener. Me siento agotada, gastada, quemada. Pongo toda mi energía en algo, y toda mi energía no es suficiente.

¿Alguien más se siente así?

Estas últimas semanas he estado haciendo una pesada reflexión en mi corazón y de donde estoy sacando energía para trabajar tan duro en los desafíos de mi vida en este momento. ¿Por qué me he sentido tan insuficiente últimamente?

Estaba leyendo a Juan 4 y lo que encontré se me hizo tan obvio que no podía perderlo.

Jesús tiene una manera tan amable y gentil de explicar los enormes misterios para nosotros. Creo que a veces parecen tan simples que no buscamos el gran mensaje que Él está tratando de ayudarnos entender. En Juan 4, Él explica a una mujer en un pozo que el agua que Él ofrece, agua viva, es mucho mejor que cualquier agua que pudiera obtener de ese pozo ordinario. Él dice,

“Cualquiera que beba de esta agua volverá a tener sed, pero el que beba del agua que yo le dé, no volverá a tener sed jamas, porque dentro de él esa agua se convertirá en un manantial del que brotará vida eterna.”

Tengo un pozo personal dentro de mí. Saco de ese pozo mi propia fuerza, energía y amor, y a veces toco el fondo del pozo y está completamente seco. Muchas veces, quiero utilizar la última gota de agua en miles de cosas.

Me siento mal, porque no soy suficiente.
Estoy cansada de amar, porque lo que doy de mi propio pozo es mi provisión personal, y lo estoy gastando balde tras balde.

Alguien me preguntó hace unas semanas cuál era mi propósito en la vida, qué era lo que me sentía llamada a hacer con mi única vida.
Mi primer instinto fue decir, “Ayuda a la gente!”, Porque eso es lo que me hace sentir útil. Me encanta sentir útil.

Pero hace unos días, Dios me preguntó si recordaba lo que Él me dijo hace años cuando yo estaba comenzando a preguntarle qué quería que hiciera con mi vida.

Y recordé que la llamada no fue simplemente para “ayudar” a la gente.

Me llamó para amar. Amar y amar y amar y derramar aún más amor, y por medio de eso Dios iba a trabajar a Su manera y en Su tiempo.

La verdad, nadie necesita mi ayuda. Es imposible que yo “arregle” a alguien. Pero lo que todo el mundo necesita es amor y gracia. Una vez que empiezas a amar a alguien y verlo como Dios lo ve, es fácil entender cómo puedes ser útil en su vida.

Los últimos dos años he estado sacando de mi muy limitado reservorio de amor. He tratado de amar a la gente a mi manera y con los pocos recursos que tengo. Ese amor tiene un fin, un límite donde llego una y otra vez.

Esta semana, Dios me ha estado recordando suavemente a sacar del pozo que Él provee. Él me ha estado invitando a beber de Su agua viva hasta que ese pozo se convierta en un manantial dentro de mí y nunca volveré a sentir sed. Me anima a amar a la gente, pero no con lo que creo que puedo darles. Él me está mostrando que cuando yo saco de Su provisión interminable de agua viva, no tengo que sentir lastimada cuando demuestro amor, no tengo que sentir agostada, y puede ser la cosa más hermosa y liberadora.


Falling into the Depths, into Infinity

The thing about love, or any other feeling really…

If you’ve never experienced it, you don’t understand it.

There are complexities that you can’t even begin to know to include in your expectations.

There are depths,

There are layers….so many layers.

The changes of the heart,
The countless emotions.


My understanding of God started so simply, as all great loves do.

He was righteous, powerful, mighty, just, loving…

There were ways to include Him in my life, to let Him be a part of my human experience.

There was my everyday God, the knowledge of something greater above me, around me, inside me. Something looking out for my good and holding my life in His hands.
I was aware of His presence.

I also had a God who touched me at times, squeezed my heart a little tighter than I was used to. This brought tears sometimes, an emotional tearing down of self-built walls.
Spiritual highs…as they like to say at Bible camp.

There were the two experiences.
The two sides of God.
The two levels I could feel.

But there had to be more to be felt.

As I spent time intentionally inviting the Spirit to come and show me the Father’s heart, the undoing began.

I thought He was a finite God…I thought He could be contained in the walls of my understanding.

I never knew I could be loved in so many ways, forms, and fashions.
I never knew I could be so excited to see what new way the Lord was going to show me His heart.

The experiences that I have been opening myself up to lately have been absolutely rocking my world. Shaking the very earth beneath my feet.

I’m almost a little ashamed to say I’m just now realizing how much I don’t understand the infiniteness of God’s love.
How very simple.
How very quaint.

The deepness of ABBA is immense.
I feel like I could drown in it.
And I think that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’m working on taking down the barriers of my expectations of God, the things holding me back from letting Him be infinite, and letting Him in His timing show me each layer.

He is vast, and large, and impossible to contain.

My union with Him is the greatest, most marvelous treasure I’ve ever wanted and had as my own.


The dream of my heart that I’ve been praying over these past few months is to become a person Pure of Heart.
I want to naturally want things of the Lord.
I want it to be easy to want to be a genuinely good person.

And I think,
the way that God is transforming me, little piece by little piece,
is by covering me in His bigness.
Overcoming me with His presence.
Opening my mind to the infinite.
Guiding me into a place of losing myself for all that He is.

Oh, the Wonder of it all.


I’ve been warned against the “Health and Wealth” gospel so many times.

Basically, that just because I live a holy life and do the right things,  it doesn’t mean that everything will work out for me and be great.

I’ve tried to be really cautious against unconsciously living with this mindset – expecting things to be perfect once I change my life and stop sinning in the areas where I’m weak.

So I have this in my mind, and sometimes I want to test myself with it. Like, I want to do the right thing, and have none of my problems change, and see if I can stand it…see if my faith falters or stands strong.

Sometimes, I find myself far from the Lord, or giving into some weakness, or I haven’t spent intentional time seeking His guidance and being in His presence. Once I get it back together and find myself on the right path again, I almost always end up with some real, material, visible blessings.

It’s actually kind of crazy. I haven’t really understood it until now.

It made me think that maybe the Health and Wealth thing wasn’t so far off.

This morning.
Jesus really spoke to my heart about my awareness of His favor.

I think…
What my individual, personal issue is…
Is that during these times that I’m not intentionally spending time to soak, soar, and seek in and with the Holy Spirit…when I’m not consciously in communion with my Abba…
I am not aware of His CONTINUAL favor and blessings in my life.

Once I get straight with Him, I see so much clearer the areas where He is touching my life.

It’s not that the blessings come only when I’m seeking Him,
They are always there, I’m just not looking for them or seeing them.

Does that kind of make sense?

In short, I am an oblivious human being. I need to constantly be in communication and relationship with Jesus to have His eyes.
His eyes that are going to show me His new mercies, grace, love gifts, presence, beauty, and power that are all present in every day of my life.

Lesson learned?
I need more Jesus.

Wishing peace, love, and adventures in your lives, Friends.


This revelation came while I was spending time listening to the entirety of Steffany Gretzinger’s new album The Undoing. She is my musical soulmate, saying every unspoken word that’s in my heart with musicality that is straight from the heavens. She writes music and worships in every single way that I would want to. 
Take an hour out of your day to just revel in the beauty of the Lord with this album as your soundtrack. Watch as the Lord’s favor surrounds you and breathes new life into your day. It is vulnerable, intimate, and breathtaking. Consider buying it and supporting this amazing artist!
And listen to it HERE.


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The Fight Against Acceptable Selfishness

Why can’t we all just build other humans up in encouragement?

I find myself constantly being hurt and hurting other people because I’m putting pride first and not opening my mind to understanding an entire situation.

Our culture constantly pushes a message of acceptable selfishness at us, and we’re patted on the back and supported when we follow through.

When did being a Christian and selfishness every become okay?
If you claim to follow Christ and use your life as an example of his love, why is it justifiable to defend yourself using harsh words and tearing someone else down?
When did ME become so important?

I find myself disliking social media sites more and more as people use them to just spew their opinions and feelings regardless of the effect they have on other people. 
We’re studying a book called “Gods at War” by Kyle Idleman in my small group at church, and one of the points we discussed last week was that whatever you’re going to for comfort before God is an idol. 
Wherever you go to find acceptance and justification before God is an idol.

I understand the need to vent, to verbally process, to find someone who supports your feelings…but if we are going to post these things on the internet for all to see, to find acceptance and comfort, it is wrong.
These statements are made lacking kindness and gentleness, wisdom and discernment. 
If we are hurt, or feel uncomfortable, have confusion or strong feelings, that is important. It’s important to be aware of who we are and what we are feeling. 
But those are things to take to the Lord. They are not to be blindly thrown into the opinion sea of our friends and strangers.
If we are seeking what the Lord wants from us and who He has made us to be, we should be turning to Him for answers and comfort in frustrating and confusing times.

Not only should we first be looking to ourselves in this aspect of our faith, but I think we should take care to be conscious of other people who are generously sharing their strong opinions.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot on social media sites is passive aggressiveness. On Twitter it’s called “sub-tweeting” when you post a vague or pointed tweet about “someone” without actually mentioning them. I’ve seen it everywhere else as well.
Why is okay to let everyone in on someone else’s dirty laundry, or some private conflict you have with them? 
The Bible is very clear on how we’re to deal with conflict, and that is to confront that person alone, in honor and grace.
There is a definite way to receive peace and healing in conflict, but you will never achieve that by opening up a situation to the general public. Do you honestly think their opinion is going to be better than God’s?

I honestly have seen much of this and end up sub-consciously choosing a side. If one of my friends has posted something about how another person has wronged them, I’m much more likely to agree with my friend and tell them they were right, WITHOUT knowing the whole situation. That person’s post then gets flooded with likes and comments agreeing with their horror in someone having offended them.

Where is the forgiveness in all this?
How does the “other guy” feel in this situation?

I can tell you having experienced this personally that having several strangers form an incorrect and jaded opinion of you is as hurtful as hurtful gets. You don’t even have a chance to prove them wrong.

I’m not writing any of this to condemn, I am only hoping to convict those of you who truly want more Jesus in your life and to be His hands and feet in this world.

I am so tired of people being hurt.
I’m tired of us caring so much about being right that we trample other beautiful humans over in the process.
I am sad that forgiveness doesn’t reign supreme and isn’t ranked higher than selfishness.

Can we all try to put down pride and entitlement in place of love?
Can we try to follow Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:21-22?
“Then Peter came up and said to him, ‘Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.'”

I am praying that God makes me selfless.
I guess He’s going about it in a really practical learning lesson.
So…I think change is going to come when you decide to pray dangerous prayers.
Dangerous prayers to me turn into hard, uncomfortable real life chances to practice the characteristics we want to have.
Something I’ve always found to be proven true is that you always come out stronger for it.
Endurance and perseverance build character, which builds hope.
If you are a person who puts their hope in a day when all will be right and the faithful will be honored, you will be a light in a world that darkens every day.

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Thoughts on Leadership

These last couple years have held some of the biggest trust lessons I’ve ever grown from.

God is constantly teaching me to not need a reason or explanation…but just to trust Him implicitly. If He says go, I go. If He says stay, I stay. It’s all about the obedience aspect.

One way that He is helping me understand my relationship with Him is by putting leaders in my life and asking me to serve them with my whole heart and with a joyful spirit.

To be completely honest, I have always struggled with authority figures. I have always had this pride that makes me think that I am right, and that I know best.

After making several mistakes where I have really disregarded authority and blamed them for so many of my own problems, God broke down that barrier in a very painful way.


I have been on both sides of leadership. Surprisingly, I like being on the servant side a lot more.

See, being a leader requires that you have a very heavy responsibility.

People – real live humans – depend on you. You answer to their problems, their issues, their ugliness, their beauty, their hearts. And it’s HARD. You will always have someone who doubts you, disapproves of your actions/life, or openly mocks you.


If there is one thing I could share that you would remember, it is this:
Encourage your leaders, and give them a break!


Hebrews 13:17 (ESV) says,

“Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.”


There is no advantage to us tearing down our leaders and talking badly about them behind their backs. Does that encourage them to lead us better and with more joy and patience?

Truly good leaders answer to God, and God alone. They are not here to be all that you want them to be. If God has trusted them with leadership, He trusts their judgment and discernment.


One example I have is of two women that I love and adore with all my heart. Their names are Lisa and Cadence, and they work in Nicaragua as missionaries, heading up a student sponsorship program.

Since I lived with them for more than a year, I saw all the hard work they put into their job and how little they are recognized for it. Lisa and Cadence work long, sometimes 14-hour days, tirelessly speaking with families, writing sponsor updates, handing out school supplies, having hard conversations with kids, tutoring kids, and pouring their hearts out to the community. They have put their lives into this program and setting up the poverty-stricken communities of Candelaria, Santa Matilde, Nuevo Amanecer, and La Isla for success by putting their children in school and promoting education.

The communities have a great love for these two women, and show their gratitude in so many beautiful ways. However, I have seen the ugly side of people as well when they feel as though they know best how sponsorship money should be used.
If they put themselves in Lisa’s and Cadence’s shoes, they would not want the load of work, the ungratefulness, the responsibility, and the long hours.
Even after being lied to, shouted at, dead-tired, and also, I will add, raising financial support to do what they do, these women continue to build and grow this program because they have had a calling to this ministry.
And I know they forget all of the negativity when they get to make those visits to tell a child and their family that they’ve received a sponsor. I’ve been on those visits, and I feel like crying every time I see it happen. The JOY that flows when you tell someone that a person from thousands of miles away saw their picture on the internet and saw something special that they just HAD to support…it is magnificently beautiful.


It is incredible how much someone believing in you can do to your self-esteem. When someone believes in you, your soul gets set on fire and you believe that anything is possible. That you can change the world. That God isn’t crazy in His love for you and hope for the best for your life.


We as humans are better as a team than a single individual.


The Lord already holds leaders to a high standard and they answer to Him.

Our job as servants and followers, members of an organization or congregation is to SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE.


Instead of criticizing your leader, encourage them in love. You probably have no idea the amount of work and responsibility they have. You probably don’t know how many people want to talk to them and give their opinion.


Spread peace.

Be kind.

Love with your whole heart.


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Lisa –

Cadence –


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I always want to blog only when I have something to talk about.
But I’m finding that I really need to just start writing, writing about something, nothing, anything…whatever will start the creativity.

I guess I’ll talk a little bit about the things I’ve been thinking about lately.

  • Love. The lack thereof.
    I find it hard to describe my depression when I see relationships that are killing the souls of two people. I saw it so much in Nicaragua. I feel like there is just no heart connection. People get together because of attraction, or because they’re having a baby together, or because they need someone to provide for them.
    Fidelity was not even a concept to be grasped.
    My heart ached especially for the women, who are used and abused, expected everything of and given nothing.
    Countless times, after saying I’d rather just stay single than be with a man who cheats on me, I was told it was non-existent. That I was crazy thinking that and that I would never find anyone like that.
    How tragic to grow up knowing that’s what you have to look forward to.

    But is it really any better here in the States?
    There is just so much STUFF here that takes the place of time you could be spending with your love.
    And here, I’ve seen so much dissatisfaction. So much giving up after it gets hard. Because “you come first, you are your first priority.”

    So I guess I’m seeing the two extremes, women who are so selfless they let everyone take advantage of it and get trampled to pieces, and women who are so selfish, it’s not worth it to them to fight for hard things.

    Honestly, it makes me cringe to think of committing my life to one single thing. And if it’s just going to be one of these unhappy places, why?

  • Commitment.
    Jesus is teaching me a lot about committing to one single thing and not forgetting about it or leaving it behind as I experience new things every day.
    Specifically in my relationship with Him.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to love Him and praise Him in new ways with every sunrise.
    I know that this is such a mindset of youth, but I wonder if I will ever get bored of it and how I will ever keep things full of passion and life.
    I depend on myself so much in all relationships to be the do-er, to make sure that things aren’t getting dull. It’s stressful.

    He keeps reminding me to shut off my mind and just look with baby eyes at His creation and the little blessings He brings to my hands. He wants to fan the flame of my faith without doing the easy thing and just giving me the black and white truth.
    I think it delights Him when I figure it out on my own and take time to discover His majesty and intricate nature.

  • Faith. Hope.
    “Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for, the absolute conviction that there are realities you’ve never seen.” – Hebrews 11:1

    It is so easy for me to view hardships and difficult times, depression and anxiety, fears…to see them as punishment for my unwilling heart. I believe I am suffering because I’m not good enough and I’m not doing it right.

    “I will erase their sins and wicked acts out of My memory as though they had never existed.
    When there is forgiveness such as this, there is no longer any need to make an offering for sin.” – Hebrews 10:16-17

    Because of the new covenant, I am set free to accept forgiveness for what I’ve done and hope for a better future. I do not need to feel punished, because that’s not the reality of what’s happening.
    I don’t want to be stuck in one moment, feeling sorry for myself and inflicting damage to my soul out of shame. I want to have faith and hope that the reason I’m passing through hard times is because the Lord is shaping me, growing me, teaching me how to be more like Him.
    He is teaching me to be selfless, to obey Him and authority, and to believe in hope, believe that all things happen for a reason, and believe that things can change.

  • Being me.
    Just because everyone around me thinks a certain way, feels a certain way, and acts a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right. It doesn’t mean I can’t have hope or love unconditionally because no one else does.
    (I have met and have in my life truly lovely people who are different, who give me hope for a beautiful world. I am merely talking about my feelings on the general population)
    Even if I knew no one who believed the same things as I do, that wouldn’t stop me from feeling how I feel.
    I may not know as much about the Bible and faith and God as someone who’s been to seminary. But I know that Jesus has been the one steady, constant truth in my life.
    I know every time I’ve trusted Him, He’s come through.
    I know when I’ve had no one who loves me, He has.
    I know when I gave everything up to follow His calling, He responded with peace in my soul.
    I know every time I’ve poured out what I’ve felt was the last drop of love in my heart, He refilled me with abundance.

    The older you get, the more people doubt you. It’s hard to not look at people and wonder why they’re not doing what you’re doing.
    I’m trying really hard not to have that kind of view and egotism.
    I love how we’re all different, I embrace the different feels and sentiments and characters and talents.
    So I’m praying that God would show me how we all work together, instead of worrying that people are doing things “right”.


Where is the Love?


I have been pondering some things lately…stirrings of my heart that need responding to.

I think I’ve really been trying to figure out what my vision for missions in my personal life is these past couple years. I know what I believe and I know what I want to do, but what do I see my role being in bringing the Kingdom to earth?

As I’ve thought about this and started explaining my heart for Central America and this culture, things have started to come together.
Explaining my new adventures and where I’ll be headed as soon as the funding is all set has lead to me being able to verbally process what I really feel in my heart.
And let me preface this with saying that I have talked a lot about, and could continue to keep talking about the joys and beauty and wonderfulness of where I live, but today I want to explain a little bit of the struggles I see here as well.

Here in Central America, most people are religious. A lot had gone to church when they were little. Catholicism is very strong here. From what I’ve seen, the majority believe that there is some sort of God – that there’s someone up in the sky, ruling and watching.
But that’s where any sort of relationship with Him stops.

The legalism in the churches here is insane. Someone catches you slipping up and “sinning” (going against rules they’ve made), you’re done. You’re out of that church and you’ve lost your salvation.

If the church is supposed to represent Christ, and we’re supposed to be His hands and feet in this world, what example is that of His love and gentleness with us? How is that representing His unending grace and mercy for us?

So all that being the case here, especially in these small villages, there is a huge lack of encouragement, support, and unconditional love.
I cannot profess to know everything about God and tell you exactly what His nature is, but I know He is love. I know there is no end to the grace He has for those who want to follow Him and be His people. I know He doesn’t cast us away when we fall short of His perfection.
I know this because I’ve experienced it.

So why is there such a lack of understanding about this aspect of God? A really important aspect!

I have grown up in a church and family that have always loved and supported me unconditionally.
I know my parents would do absolutely anything for me, and that they want to bless me in so many ways even without me asking.
I have been able to understand a loving God because I have had tangible examples of that love in my life.
I have experienced just a small portion of it here on earth, but it helps in the way I view Him and think of Him.

So what if nobody in your life has ever loved you unconditionally?
What if even your family was not a safe place to go to?
What if everybody in your life was constantly judging you, waiting for you to slip up and then gossip about it, looking at your past and not believing in your future, measuring themselves up against you in morality?

How can you believe that there is someone who will never condemn you?

This, I feel, is one of the main struggles of Central America.

Now let me say too that not all families are like this here, and the amount of love I’ve received is incredible.
But even in those places where I’ve been loved, those people are not showing that same love to their own family members.
It makes me feel awkward, and I try to fix it.
However, that has lead to much disappointment as I realize I’m not here to “fix” anything, and honestly I really can’t.

How can you believe in an unconditionally loving God, when no one in your life has ever exemplified that?

For years, the Lord has been speaking to me about how I have the ability to show His love to people. That I carry that part of Him inside my heart.
I’m only just finding out how to really use that and for what specifically.

I believe my calling in missions work to Central America is to show an unconditional love to those who have none.
To encourage, support, and pour life into those who need it desperately.

I want to be a physical representation of Christ to women who are expected to do a million things a day for their families and then are not shown any gratefulness.
I pray my relationships with them will be a place where they can feel rested and encouraged and know I love them as they are.

I want to love and nurture children from the earliest age possible so that deeply ingrained in them would be a knowledge and faith of a God who cares about everything and everyone.
I pray that they would just know there is no other way of living other than living under the love of the Lord.

There is a need for that here, and I’m so deeply blessed to be able to be a part of the Jesus’ restoration of Central America.

My prayer as always is to be wholly and completely wherever I am, and then leave places and not leave any remembrance of Haille’s love behind.

Please, Abba, permeate my work and my life with who You are so that who I am is a representation of Your desire to be in relationship with each beautiful human being you’ve created.

Romans 10:14 (The Voice)
“How can people invoke His name when they do not believe? How can they believe in Him when they have not heard? How can they hear if there is no one proclaiming Him?”

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2014 – Finding Where I’m Supposed To Be


At this point in my life, at just 20 years, I am tired of building deep relationships and then getting called to move somewhere else. Or having those people move on.

Now, I realize that’s a really beautiful part of life, that we’re all constantly moving and meeting new people, making connections, letting them change you, passing on their memories to others, building and shaping each other, loving many parts of the world.

But I’m not going to say it’s easy.

In this world of constant change and movement, I want something sure and constant in my life.

Jesus fills that void so perfectly, but sometimes (OK, all the time), I need someone physical to talk to about my thoughts about God, the things He’s teaching me, the ways He’s moving…I need to share life with someone.

There hasn’t really been a person for me like that this past year, and so it’s been a little lonely. But the way that God has built me stronger through that, and the way He’s drawn me deeper into our relationship, our romance…it’s made every moment worth it.

It’s been the hardest, but best year of my life so far.
I can only hope and pray that this next year goes beyond everything I’ve experienced and takes me farther into understanding and wisdom and love with my Savior.

Which brings me to my plans…

I realize I have been saying pretty much all this year that I’m planning on being in Nicaragua with New Song indefinitely.

Well, things have changed a little bit.

Over these last few months, I began to feel a restlessness in my heart.

I was in such denial about it because I truly love the Nicaraguan people with all of my heart and could never imagine leaving them.


They have affected me in more ways than explain. They have shown me a genuine unconditional love that I’ve never felt before. I finally fit in someplace and felt settled.

After feeling the first touches of this restlessness, I had thoughts of,
“What if I acted on this? How crazy would it be if I just left without having a plan? How much faith and trust would that be? But I couldn’t do it…I’m not able to leave without knowing what I’m doing next. That would be way too stressful…”

God is funny like that.

Every day I felt more and more pressure to figure out what I was going to do with these thoughts.
Eventually, it all came to a head, and in one tearful, anxious, stressful night of fighting against my own will and fearful nature, I made the decision.

And the peace I experienced afterwards confirmed everything I had decided.


I committed to spending a year at New Song, helping out in whatever ways I could, becoming part of the community, loving on the people, and being part of the team of people who make things happen.

Although I thought I would be there indefinitely, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is calling me to move on and trust Him to provide for me in a time of uncertainty.

I honestly don’t know where that is right now. I have no idea of what country I want to be in, other than I don’t want it to be the States.

I do know, however, what kind of ministry I want to be doing.

Working at New Song was such a good experience of being able to be in training – watching other experienced missionaries in action, learning from them, seeing how an organization works, being part of a team.

I worked mostly in worship, which I love…it’s my heart. It’s what I was created to do. But I’m finding that leading is just not my gifting, and I’m way better at supporting someone who has really great ideas and motivation. I will always love music, and it will always be a huge part of my life and ministry, but I’m not a leader.

After a lot of prayer, contemplation, and listening to the Lord, I have found the ministry that really brings me the most life, that makes me feel like I am living out what I was created for, is caring for babies/small children.

I have a nurturing heart.

I love to love.

My heart aches for the children who will grow up with nobody stable in their lives whose sole commitment is to raising them in a Holy Spirit filled, nurturing, loving environment.

I want to be that.

I want to raise children in a spirit of continual thankfulness and awareness of the majesty and greatness of God.

I want to impress on them that staying true to who you were created to be is so important, and that the creativity of God has made them such special and precious individuals they should be proud of.

I want to introduce the lifestyle of finding Jesus’ blessings, his little gems and treasures, in every moment so that we are constantly in awe of how GOOD God is and how much He cares for us. In that, for me personally, when I begin to understand how much He loves me and every detail is important to Him, I want to live a life worth His sacrifice.


So…I kind of have that figured out a little bit…

But where?

I am still trying to figure that out.

If you have any contacts that you know are searching for someone like me, would you let me know?

I am willing to travel anywhere.

I’m ready for a new adventure!

Until I find where God is calling me to next, it looks like I’ll be hanging out Michigan for awhile, working and just listening to where I’m supposed to be.
Grow where you’re planted, right?
If this is where God wants me for a little break, this is where I’ll be.


I do, however, have plans to go back to Nicaragua for about a month, just to say my final goodbyes and tie up all my loose ends.
I definitely am going to need some support financially to make this last trip happen, which I believe is really important. After all the time I’ve spent there, I need to tell these beautiful people how much they really mattered in my life, and leave blessings with them.

If you are interested in supporting, here are some specifics that you would be a DOLL to help me out with:

  • Buy my plane ticket ($400 round trip)
  • Ship the rest of my belongings that I left in Nicaragua back home ($150)
  • Food/Lodging/Additional Expenses (about $300)

I cannot thank you all enough for the support I’ve received this past year.
Nicaragua wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for your prayers, finances, encouragement, and belief in my hopes and dreams.

I hope we can continue to be partners in this ministry God has called me to. It is far from over and I can’t wait to share at the end of 2014 what adventures I’ve been on and what huge new things I’ve experienced.

And now, on to the important things:


No life should be wasted

A silent scream builds at the back of my throat.

I can’t do anything.

One single person who never even went to college, who has little experience, who has no medical or scientific knowledge to combat this…


…With this horrifying and awful disease that has affected every single life of every Nicaraguan I have ever met in Candelaria.
If they don’t have it, someone in their family has it or has already been killed by the sickness.

Another man I knew and saw every day has died.

His case was probably mostly due to alcoholism that had consumed his every day.

But the state of disrepair his kidneys were in due to Chronic Kidney Disease only welcomed the poison, destined to fail and destroy the health of an average Nicaraguan man.

I feel so helpless against the hand of death this disease has created, sweeping over these beautiful people who work tirelessly for their families, marking them with it’s incurable and horrible illness.

I am asking for you to read this article and learn about the unknowns of this disease:

Do you see what I mean about feeling like there’s nothing I can do as one single person?

But do you know what pains me even more than this disease killing the people I know?
It’s all the people I don’t know.
It’s all the men who fill up those school buses headed for the fields that cram into the windows to catcall at the gringas walking by.
It’s the mamas who started working at 12 years old, had a baby at 15, and finds out at 30 that her creatinine levels are through the roof.
It’s the boys who start working at 15 and are knocked flat on their back, life over at 20.

It concerns me that so many of these people are dying without knowledge of a hope that will make these last days, the hard days, the stressful days a little lighter.

This one girl can’t find the cure for a disease spreading across nations, but she can make a difference in the life of just one person….with love.

These people need to know they have a Savior that will take their pitiful, illness-ridden bodies and use them for His glory.
If they believe in His son and what He did for their lives, if they want that salvation, their bodies will be made new, clean, and holy.

Nicaragua needs to believe in a hope for a new day, a beautiful future, and a holy nation, made pure by the precious blood of Jesus.

He makes beautiful things out of the dust.

that this dust would be breathed to life. 
that these dry bones would rattle no more but would stand up strong.
that these broken souls will be made whole.

And please pray for the family of Pedro, who passed away on December 27th, 2013.
His daughter Jasmina and sweet granddaughter Katalin are left behind and are hurting for his loss.


Praying for Babylon


“Pursue the peace and welfare of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to me, the Eternal, for Babylon because if it has peace, you will live in peace.” Jeremiah 29:7 

I loved finding this little gold nugget as I was reading Jeremiah today. Here are God’s chosen people, and they have fallen into lives of corrupt sinfulness. Their hope and faith are not in God, and they’ve abandoned Him. Since they will not listen, God has decided to let Babylon, their enemies, take over for 70 years. He says that if they give into Babylon they will see hardship, but it will be the start of them obeying Him and He will bless them for that. He says, you will be an outsider in Babylon, but I don’t want you to live out your time as a victim. You are to accept that this is where you’re supposed to be for now, and live as you would normally. Get married, have kids, and live life! God tells His people to pray for Babylon, because if the city has peace, so will they. This speaks a lot about us, and the effect we can have on our environment. It speaks about the power of prayer and how, if we believe in God’s goodness and how He says He will work everything to our good, the peace we will get from that will transcend all understanding. When God puts us through trials and tests somewhere uncomfortable, we are to be His ambassadors in these places, pursuing peace and welfare, praying for the environment, trusting in His goodness. Because ultimately, we have trust that God will see us through, as Jeremiah continues in verse 11-13:

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Eternal, ‘plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future and hope – never forget that. At that time, you will call out for Me, and I will hear. You will pray, and I will listen. You will look for Me intently, and you will find Me.’” 

I’m still waiting to find out how everything went down once they were captured by Babylon and how much they actually listened to these commands once they found themselves living in captivity. The general feeling I get is probably not. So far in my reading of Jeremiah, the people have been more likely to listen to the false prophets saying that God will release them in just a few years. Funny, how only hearing what you want to believe has not changed over thousands of years. That’s some dangerous thinking there.


Please pray for me that I will always remember to be fighting in prayer for my village, Candelaria. I ask that you would do the same! We need HOPE, freedom, peace, faith, love, and goodness to reign in a place that is heavily oppressed by poverty, abuse, alcoholism, discouragement, and depression.
I’m obviously happy to be here and don’t feel like I’m being held captive, but the main message I’m trying to live out is to bloom where you’re planted. In every situation, we can be praying for our surroundings and having a peaceful impact where we live.

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