Big Ministry Update for 2016

Friends, Family, Supporters,

I’m writing to you about some BIG changes that are happening with my ministry. Finding Hope is doing better than ever and flourishing as we are truly flying through construction. God has been so good and faithful to provide donations to continue work on the building. Unfortunately, and sadly for me, I have not gotten to be a part of the construction crew for the past few months. As I shared in August last year, I began studying to become a CNA in Honduras. It was supposed to be a 2 year program, but since I had one-on-one classes, it went much faster than expected, and I’m 2 ½ months into my year-long internship at a private hospital in La Ceiba. It’s been really difficult not being able to be in the ministry 24/7 and seeing so much happen without getting to be a part of it. It has been hard, but I know that the Lord put it on my heart to learn something that could be valuable towards helping those in need. In addition, I’ve really loved my internship and different practices so far. I’ve actually been liking it way more than I thought I would.

I’ve always loved helping people, and it’s been the true passion of my heart for my entire life. I think at this point, (and yes, I know I’m too young to say this) I thought I was done finding all the big passions, the things that make me feel like I’m living out my calling. But I was wrong. I never realized how beautiful it would feel to help heal someone’s body while making the real focus on the Great Healer who restores our hearts.

After spending months praying about this new desire to be able to do more, learn more, and help more in the medical field, I made a decision. In June of this year I will be leaving Finding Hope, finishing my Nursing internship, and in the Fall, I will begin studying Medicine at the private Catholic university in Honduras.

The goal is to be a missionary doctor in Honduras, specifically to the remote areas where healthcare is unavailable. My heart aches for my friends and Honduran family, and their humiliation and frustration with the only healthcare they can (barely) afford that, most of the time, doesn’t resolve any of the problems they have. My hope is to provide quality healthcare to those who can’t afford it, treating them with the love and respect they deserve, while also using that opportunity to share about the only One that can truly heal them.

So, details! It will be 8 years of school – 1 year in Ceiba, 6 years in San Pedro Sula, and 1 year in whatever location they give me for my residency. I will still need to keep up my costs of living, which is about $400 a month, plus an additional $250 a month for costs of school. It’s a big commitment! And to be honest, slightly frightening. But I am committed, 100%. This whole journey and experience that I’ve had in Honduras has shaped and grown me for this next big step, and I am fully trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness that He will guide me through to the end.

I am leaving Finding Hope with a sad, but thankful heart. The past two years have been some of the best of my life, getting the opportunity to work with this incredible ministry and be a part of something beautiful that is happening in the little town of El Porvenir. I will always be their biggest cheerleader and encourage you to support them and follow their ministry after I leave.

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Read about Katlyn McConnell, the Director of Finding Hope’s new ministry changes HERE
She’s about to become a Foster Mom and continue on with ministry, so she needs your prayers as well!




Trying to write a note to the parents of our Sunday School kids in La Invasión and I’m bawling my eyes out.

I know God has a plan in everything, and I can already see where He’s working and how He’ll do such amazing things with the direction of where Sunday School’s going, but my heart aches.

This note is a goodbye note, an Adiós to the precious families who live in the LI barrio. We’re not moving, our ministry’s not going anywhere, but Sunday School is re-locating. It’s been such a hard decision! Katlyn started this Sunday School over a year ago in this particular neighborhood because they didn’t have one. It’s held out of a local pastor’s house where he also meets with his congregation. She started small, but the Lord really blessed it and now anywhere from 30-50 kids show up every Sunday.

We love our time with them! They are a handful at times but so joyful and eager to learn.

A couple months ago, we started having some little problems within two churches – the one we meet at and the one next door. They do not get along, but for so many complicated reasons that it’s not worth explaining. All you have to know is that they have  a messy past together.
They tried to get us in the middle of their fights and make us choose a side. The next door church wanted us to bring our Sunday School to their property, but doing so would put a big strain on our relationship we already have with the pastor and his family at the location we currently meet.
We tried meetings and compromises….explaining that we were not affiliated with either church but that we came for the children, that they were our purpose and mission. We tried suggesting having a neutral location, at neither of their churches but with the understanding that both would support us and come to help out twice a month.

The result? Church next door decided to start their own Sunday School in the morning (ours is in the afternoon because of morning conflicts). Now, it really doesn’t make any sense to have two Sunday Schools in one day, in the same neighborhood when there are plenty of other places that don’t have a single one, right?
Also, we have nothing against this new Sunday School, they do a great job! It just wasn’t necessary to have two.

So, after much prayer and logistics planning, Katlyn and I have decided to let this new Sunday School have the area, and we will start a new Sunday School in a new neighborhood where there is none. We cried about it, screamed our frustrations, and went insane trying to find a way to stay. I realize this must sound just SO dramatic, with all the emotions and seriousness, but our hearts are really invested in the kids and the community.
However, as we began to talk about what could happen, how we could turn a negative into a positive, the light began to shine. What if our purpose is to do some sort of Sunday School planting?
God had blessed our efforts in LI and grown the group in big ways. All those kids will continue going to Sunday School, just at a different location and with different leaders. That’s not so bad.
Now, we have this great opportunity to do the same thing for a different neighborhood. And really, we could just keep on going. The possibilities are endless!

We feel so much peace about the decision and know it was the right one. It also came at the perfect time, since this is the last Sunday we’ll have before taking some big trips. I’m leaving for Nicaragua for 2 or 3 weeks on Monday, Kate’s leaving for the States on Thursday, she won’t get back until June 10th, and then I’ll leave to do some fund-raising in the States. After the dust is settled and we’re back at home, we can get started on this new venture.

Please be praying for understanding and respect within the community for our decision, and that they’ll continue sending their kids to the new Sunday School.
And just pray for our hearts too, because this is SO bittersweet. Like I said, bawling my eyes out here just thinking about not getting to see those cute faces every Sunday.

Thanks as always for your prayers, encouragement, well wishes, and good vibes!!!


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