Haille Krieg was born in July of 1993 and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She was born into a loving Christian family, who always believed in her and the purpose that God had for her life.

Starting piano lessons at a young age, Haille’s passion for music began to grow and become something so special that the Lord was putting on her heart. That talent began to mature and flourish throughout High School when she started taking voice lessons, Choir, and being part of and later leading the Youth Worship team at her church.After graduating high school in the Spring of 2011, Haille felt led to take a year off before starting college. The original plan was to move to LA or Nashville and pursue a career in music. However, God had something different in mind. Haille’s church, Life Church out of Canton, MI, took the youth group on a week-long mission trip to Comayagua, Honduras in the Summer of 2011, and it was there that the Lord first laid missions work on Haille’s heart.

After having such a special moment in Honduras where God spoke to her about how He created her to worship, Haille went back home, knowing that her plans were about to change drastically. Certain that God was calling here to missions, Haille found an organization, Adventures In Missions, that she could take a semester long trip to Nicaragua with and confirm the new passions that were beginning to take root.

From January-May of 2012, Haille lived right outside Chichigalpa, Nicaragua with a team of 12 other young adults. The four months she spent with her team, the beautiful people of Nicaragua, and the incredible presence of God filled her with a joy she had never experienced before.


God completely confirmed that He wanted her in missions, and more specifically, in a little village called Candelaria.

The last couple weeks of their trip, Haille and her team worked with New Song and got to experience a little portion of their daily life – living in the community and pouring love out into the hearts that surrounded them. Completely captivated with the goals and vision of New Song and the way they were so intent on following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Haille decided to come back and stay for at least a year.

Haille came on staff at New Song in November 2012 after being sent and supported by her church. Her heart is for starting a worship ministry that is led by youth in the community whose hearts are open to the leading of the Lord. Her hope is to call those with hearts of worship up into the greatness God has for them and His purpose for their lives. Haille is also passionate about discipleship of youth and helping them realize what God created them for and how much potential He has put inside each one of them. Her ultimate hope is to become a part of the community who can be seen as an example of the hope God desperately wants to give each of His children.


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