Lost In Glory

Sunday thoughts!
I’ve spent a lot of time crying lately. 

But they’ve been such good tears. 

They’re tears of so many toxic things that I believed about myself for my entire short life being broken and shattered to pieces. 

This new transition has brought such new life in my heart that I can’t even begin to explain it. I hardly understand it. 

These tears are watering the new life growing in my heart, and it feels so rich, so sacred. 

Today the Lord brought the revelation of beginnings to me. How everything has a root, it all starts somewhere. For example, the transformation I’m going through right now didn’t happen all at once, out of nowhere, He began this work years and years ago. 

He amazed me with the thought that who I am was being shaped when I was still be formed inside of my mother. 

He astounded me with the knowledge that nothing I’ve done has detained or deterred His purpose for my life. 

 I wouldn’t be where I am without the nurturing of my parents. 

The Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He put me in the family I’m in. 

The deepness of my parents’ love takes my breath away. Their dedication and perseverance has no limits. 

I know that each time they found out about one of our existences, they staked claim in heaven and on earth for our souls. 
It all makes me feel so small, but so beautiful lost in the glory. 

It just amazes me to think of all that’s going on around us though we are unaware. 
The billions of things that have led up to this point in my life, when I’m doing something so very unextraordinary but so deeply fulfilling makes me feel another layer of His love, how hard He works on and designs our lives. How much detail He goes into so that we can just live.


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