Big Ministry Update for 2016

Friends, Family, Supporters,

I’m writing to you about some BIG changes that are happening with my ministry. Finding Hope is doing better than ever and flourishing as we are truly flying through construction. God has been so good and faithful to provide donations to continue work on the building. Unfortunately, and sadly for me, I have not gotten to be a part of the construction crew for the past few months. As I shared in August last year, I began studying to become a CNA in Honduras. It was supposed to be a 2 year program, but since I had one-on-one classes, it went much faster than expected, and I’m 2 ½ months into my year-long internship at a private hospital in La Ceiba. It’s been really difficult not being able to be in the ministry 24/7 and seeing so much happen without getting to be a part of it. It has been hard, but I know that the Lord put it on my heart to learn something that could be valuable towards helping those in need. In addition, I’ve really loved my internship and different practices so far. I’ve actually been liking it way more than I thought I would.

I’ve always loved helping people, and it’s been the true passion of my heart for my entire life. I think at this point, (and yes, I know I’m too young to say this) I thought I was done finding all the big passions, the things that make me feel like I’m living out my calling. But I was wrong. I never realized how beautiful it would feel to help heal someone’s body while making the real focus on the Great Healer who restores our hearts.

After spending months praying about this new desire to be able to do more, learn more, and help more in the medical field, I made a decision. In June of this year I will be leaving Finding Hope, finishing my Nursing internship, and in the Fall, I will begin studying Medicine at the private Catholic university in Honduras.

The goal is to be a missionary doctor in Honduras, specifically to the remote areas where healthcare is unavailable. My heart aches for my friends and Honduran family, and their humiliation and frustration with the only healthcare they can (barely) afford that, most of the time, doesn’t resolve any of the problems they have. My hope is to provide quality healthcare to those who can’t afford it, treating them with the love and respect they deserve, while also using that opportunity to share about the only One that can truly heal them.

So, details! It will be 8 years of school – 1 year in Ceiba, 6 years in San Pedro Sula, and 1 year in whatever location they give me for my residency. I will still need to keep up my costs of living, which is about $400 a month, plus an additional $250 a month for costs of school. It’s a big commitment! And to be honest, slightly frightening. But I am committed, 100%. This whole journey and experience that I’ve had in Honduras has shaped and grown me for this next big step, and I am fully trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness that He will guide me through to the end.

I am leaving Finding Hope with a sad, but thankful heart. The past two years have been some of the best of my life, getting the opportunity to work with this incredible ministry and be a part of something beautiful that is happening in the little town of El Porvenir. I will always be their biggest cheerleader and encourage you to support them and follow their ministry after I leave.

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