The Feels/Los Sentimientos

Hey friends!

Just wanted to send out a little note to say that I am safe and extremely happy in El Porvenir, Honduras.

Hopefully, you received my email update…if not, sign up HERE! The email updates are different than blog updates since they are more facts, prayer requests, praises, and ministry updates. My blog will be more of a place for me to go into depth about things that are on my heart, what I’m learning, and to verbally process.

With that being said, here are the feels for moving to a different country:

I feel so much peace. This was such a perfect decision and completely divine and sovereign. Katlyn and I talked just today about how everything worked out so well for both of us that we experienced big changes. I moved down here and she moved out of the volunteer house where she’s lived in and out for the past 4 years.

We are both sure that God has something really exciting planned for our lives and Finding Hope. There’s something about just trusting a God who is trustWORTHY to take care of your life. A peace that passes understanding, something we have asked for and received.


Life is really beautiful here. It’s a very very different atmosphere than what I’m used to, but wonderful in its own way. It makes me uncomfortable sometimes, but content in so many other ways.

I love living right on the beach and being in that Central American, no-schedule, living every moment as it passes kind of life.

I’m working on not having expectations and not living for other peoples’ opinions.

I’m letting Jesus work on my soul, setting it free and shaping it to bring glory to His name.

It’s all about deep breaths, letting go, and holding every moment valuable.

Yes, I sound like a cheap self-help book, but you gotta do what works, right?


I am meeting so MANY lovely people. Men, women, young adults, children, and babies from all backgrounds and locations.

Honduras is a little different from Nicaragua…the people are a little shyer, more guarded, polite, but just as loving and welcoming.

Almost everyone uses the formal “usted”, which takes getting used to. I’m used to complete strangers using “vos” with me.

I’m missing Nica and mi gente, but open to the formation of relationships that are just as meaningful and fulfilling.


Everything is still so new, so I’m still taking it all in, but I can’t wait to dive in deep with y’all and share my journey.

Thanks as always for reading and caring about my life here in Porvenir.

As always, please contact me with any questions or encouragement that you have.



Babies that received a bathroom through Honduras Child Alliance, an organization that we partner with.


My new living space.


Streets of Porvenir.


Life without a washing machine is actually a lot of fun!


Team Finding Hope!


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