The Fight Against Acceptable Selfishness

Why can’t we all just build other humans up in encouragement?

I find myself constantly being hurt and hurting other people because I’m putting pride first and not opening my mind to understanding an entire situation.

Our culture constantly pushes a message of acceptable selfishness at us, and we’re patted on the back and supported when we follow through.

When did being a Christian and selfishness every become okay?
If you claim to follow Christ and use your life as an example of his love, why is it justifiable to defend yourself using harsh words and tearing someone else down?
When did ME become so important?

I find myself disliking social media sites more and more as people use them to just spew their opinions and feelings regardless of the effect they have on other people. 
We’re studying a book called “Gods at War” by Kyle Idleman in my small group at church, and one of the points we discussed last week was that whatever you’re going to for comfort before God is an idol. 
Wherever you go to find acceptance and justification before God is an idol.

I understand the need to vent, to verbally process, to find someone who supports your feelings…but if we are going to post these things on the internet for all to see, to find acceptance and comfort, it is wrong.
These statements are made lacking kindness and gentleness, wisdom and discernment. 
If we are hurt, or feel uncomfortable, have confusion or strong feelings, that is important. It’s important to be aware of who we are and what we are feeling. 
But those are things to take to the Lord. They are not to be blindly thrown into the opinion sea of our friends and strangers.
If we are seeking what the Lord wants from us and who He has made us to be, we should be turning to Him for answers and comfort in frustrating and confusing times.

Not only should we first be looking to ourselves in this aspect of our faith, but I think we should take care to be conscious of other people who are generously sharing their strong opinions.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot on social media sites is passive aggressiveness. On Twitter it’s called “sub-tweeting” when you post a vague or pointed tweet about “someone” without actually mentioning them. I’ve seen it everywhere else as well.
Why is okay to let everyone in on someone else’s dirty laundry, or some private conflict you have with them? 
The Bible is very clear on how we’re to deal with conflict, and that is to confront that person alone, in honor and grace.
There is a definite way to receive peace and healing in conflict, but you will never achieve that by opening up a situation to the general public. Do you honestly think their opinion is going to be better than God’s?

I honestly have seen much of this and end up sub-consciously choosing a side. If one of my friends has posted something about how another person has wronged them, I’m much more likely to agree with my friend and tell them they were right, WITHOUT knowing the whole situation. That person’s post then gets flooded with likes and comments agreeing with their horror in someone having offended them.

Where is the forgiveness in all this?
How does the “other guy” feel in this situation?

I can tell you having experienced this personally that having several strangers form an incorrect and jaded opinion of you is as hurtful as hurtful gets. You don’t even have a chance to prove them wrong.

I’m not writing any of this to condemn, I am only hoping to convict those of you who truly want more Jesus in your life and to be His hands and feet in this world.

I am so tired of people being hurt.
I’m tired of us caring so much about being right that we trample other beautiful humans over in the process.
I am sad that forgiveness doesn’t reign supreme and isn’t ranked higher than selfishness.

Can we all try to put down pride and entitlement in place of love?
Can we try to follow Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:21-22?
“Then Peter came up and said to him, ‘Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.'”

I am praying that God makes me selfless.
I guess He’s going about it in a really practical learning lesson.
So…I think change is going to come when you decide to pray dangerous prayers.
Dangerous prayers to me turn into hard, uncomfortable real life chances to practice the characteristics we want to have.
Something I’ve always found to be proven true is that you always come out stronger for it.
Endurance and perseverance build character, which builds hope.
If you are a person who puts their hope in a day when all will be right and the faithful will be honored, you will be a light in a world that darkens every day.

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