Fund Raising Opportunity for the Ladies! Jewelry!!

Hey Ladies!!!

I have a great fund-raising opportunity where you can help me make my trip back to Nicaragua for a month to say my goodbyes and then help me start raising the money for my next plans….moving to Honduras!

Last night my friend Caitlin hosted a Lia Sophia party at her house with a incredibly kind woman named Susan who decided to donate half her profits of the sales to my cause.

You can go to this site:
Click on browse our jewelry.
Then put Caitlin Padgett in as the hostess!
Lia Sophia has beautiful, classy, long-lasting jewelry that they refund you for if something happens to it.
They also have some really great clearance sales going on!!!

I would so appreciate if you placed an order and helped out in this little way if you can!

It’s an awesome way of supporting me and this wonderful lady who decided to help me out after just one conversation about my mission, and also getting something sweet for yourself!!!

Screenshot 2014-01-19 16.42.39


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