No life should be wasted

A silent scream builds at the back of my throat.

I can’t do anything.

One single person who never even went to college, who has little experience, who has no medical or scientific knowledge to combat this…


…With this horrifying and awful disease that has affected every single life of every Nicaraguan I have ever met in Candelaria.
If they don’t have it, someone in their family has it or has already been killed by the sickness.

Another man I knew and saw every day has died.

His case was probably mostly due to alcoholism that had consumed his every day.

But the state of disrepair his kidneys were in due to Chronic Kidney Disease only welcomed the poison, destined to fail and destroy the health of an average Nicaraguan man.

I feel so helpless against the hand of death this disease has created, sweeping over these beautiful people who work tirelessly for their families, marking them with it’s incurable and horrible illness.

I am asking for you to read this article and learn about the unknowns of this disease:

Do you see what I mean about feeling like there’s nothing I can do as one single person?

But do you know what pains me even more than this disease killing the people I know?
It’s all the people I don’t know.
It’s all the men who fill up those school buses headed for the fields that cram into the windows to catcall at the gringas walking by.
It’s the mamas who started working at 12 years old, had a baby at 15, and finds out at 30 that her creatinine levels are through the roof.
It’s the boys who start working at 15 and are knocked flat on their back, life over at 20.

It concerns me that so many of these people are dying without knowledge of a hope that will make these last days, the hard days, the stressful days a little lighter.

This one girl can’t find the cure for a disease spreading across nations, but she can make a difference in the life of just one person….with love.

These people need to know they have a Savior that will take their pitiful, illness-ridden bodies and use them for His glory.
If they believe in His son and what He did for their lives, if they want that salvation, their bodies will be made new, clean, and holy.

Nicaragua needs to believe in a hope for a new day, a beautiful future, and a holy nation, made pure by the precious blood of Jesus.

He makes beautiful things out of the dust.

that this dust would be breathed to life. 
that these dry bones would rattle no more but would stand up strong.
that these broken souls will be made whole.

And please pray for the family of Pedro, who passed away on December 27th, 2013.
His daughter Jasmina and sweet granddaughter Katalin are left behind and are hurting for his loss.



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