November 2012 – November 2013, The year of Candelaria

To all my dear blog readers and lovely supporters, the time has come for me to celebrate my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living and working in Nicaragua. Specifically in a beautiful little village called Candelaria.

Here is a little summary of some of my most momentous and fantastic life happenings from this unforgettable year:


  • Hiked up a Volcano and boarded down
  • Got to have my dad come down and visit me.
  • Have seen 3 girls grow in worship ministry and come into a lot of vulnerability and openness to the holy spirit
  • Was proposed to
  • Taught worship leading
  • Saw two of my best friends fall in love
  • Became a godmother
  • Loved even when it wasn’t returned
  • Hoped for the hopeless
  • Prayed over a nation of men who will one day treat their women with the respect they deserve
  • Watch a girl say no to what her human nature and the world said yes to, and choose God’s way instead.
  • Ate the most gourmet thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had
  • Learned a new language that I can speak fluently conversationally
  • Saw my preschool class get excited about Jesus and doing good
  • Learned the heavenliness of fried cheese, guirila, bunuelos pupusas, enchiladas, repollito, pithaya, and so much more
  • Have discovered that I do not like to cook many things.
  • Learned how to ride my bike through buses, taxis, bikers, people walking, motorcycles, triciclos, without running into anyone…well people anyway. I did run over a dog’s neck once.
  • Fit 11 people in a 5 seater taxi
  • Took an estimated over 100 bus rides
  • Watched a pig get killed
  • Got my first parasites, dengue fever, pneumonia, and weird rashes
  • Walked with a family through their healing journey of finding out their precious 4 year old had a cyst in his leg and the surgery to get it removed.
  • Discovered that motorcycles are my preferred mode of transportation
  • Made it through 10 seasons of Friends in 2 months because of a ridiculous emotional attachment to characters
  • Saw dearly loved staff move on to bigger and better things, even if it just means taking more time to be with their families, and seeing new and fantastic staff come in and be richly blessed by the Lord in their work.
  • Saw a drum line presentation of Gangnam style
  • Saw the trend of shirts for adults with elmo’s face on them come and go
  • Saw a courageous and tremendous woman of prayer fighting with the enemy for her health and WINNING over a parasite in her brain.
  • Have found out that wearing shorts under dresses and skirts is ALWAYS a good idea.
  • Saw the heavens open up and pour rain down like we were having another flood like Noah’s
  • Saw the joy and excitement on a child’s face finding out that they are sponsored to be able to go to school
  • Witnessed my first earthquake
  • Thoroughly enjoyed my first outdoor shower experience
  • Cut a field of grass with a machete
  • Stood on top of a erupting volcano
  • Crossed borders of countries TWO times, by myself. And took public transportation the entire way of all the trips.
  • Ate fish gonads.
  • Wrote 6 new songs.
  • Took a shower in the rain.
  • Ate Gallo Pinto more times than I can count.
  • Befriended an entire street of people
  • Slept in a hammock for about 5 months and counting.
  • Got my first shot in the butt.
  • Became best friends with the owner of a bakery (BEST IDEA EVER).
  • Experienced the overwhelming blessedness of supporters and their beautiful willing spirits.
  • Learned a new instrument by teach myself Ukelele.
  • And finally, saw and experienced more love than can be contained in a an infinite amount of words.

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