The Happenings of August/September

I hope all of you are enjoying your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Cider Mill visits….because FALL IS HERE!!
My favorite season of the year and I am spending it in a MUCH different way than I would in the States.

The first difference is the weather. Instead of cool breezes, crunchy leaves, sweet smells in the air, cozy sweaters, and awesome boots…I am in my rain jacket, sloshing through puddles of mud everyday. It’s FULL ON RAINY SEASON!!!!
Instead of ending my days with a bonfire and s’mores, I get to see the most beautiful sunsets of rainbows and every color you could imagine, with the stars coming up over the volcano.
Instead of treating myself to a breakfast of donuts and cider, I am filling my belly with gallo pinto, fried cheese, enchiladas, pupusas, and tajadas.
Instead of getting ready to sell a kajillion clothes for early Christmas shoppers, I am working at a job where my my responsibilities are to love people, teach them how to sing, and pray and visit the sick and poor in spirit.

I know I’ve said this a million times, but I TRULY, ABSOLUTELY love my life. Jesus is constantly reminding me of how beautiful and different it is and what a GOOD decision it was to move here to Candelaria, Nicaragua. My spirit soars here and I breathe so deeply and easily for how simple and uncomplicated life is when I trust it all to God.

I have been in a season of growing.
Like always.
What I need prayer for is that I would grab these times of growing full on and wouldn’t dodge them and run away from change.
Also, if you would just pray for some dreams I have in my heart right now. I’m not patient and I would just love for all of them to come true but I know God’s timing is perfect and there’s a reason I’m still waiting.
Pray that someone would come on full-time that would really be awesome for pouring into me and someone that I could do the same for.
Aaaand….take a look at these pictures and pray for whatever God puts on your heart! I would love for you to share with me what God is speaking to you about and if you have any special thoughts and prayers for my ministry.


Just in case you’ve never read any of my blogs….
I love it.
I love the people and community and church and their visions and dreams and purposes.
I love Yerling, who’s in this picture with me.
She is turning 15 years old on September 21st and we are throwing a big Quinceañera for her!
Pray for her as she is going through this transition of girl to woman and is learning responsibility and staying true to the person God made her to be.


I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of having my Dad come to visit me for 2 weeks from September 1st-14th. I got to show him around and introduce him to all my Nica friends and family. He loved his time and fit right in, right away. We climbed Cerro Negro together and volcano boarded down, which is something I’ve never done here, in all the time I’ve been in Nicaragua. It was a sweet visit, and I loved the time I had with him!


September 15th was Central American Indepence Day! September 14th they celebrate with huge parades and bands and presentations. All the schools in our area gathered in the big Flor de Caña Baseball Stadium to celebrate all morning and afternoon long. Each school has a band, which is more like a drum line, and dancers, and students that are the best in their classes and grades. They all get 8 minutes to do their presentation that they’ve been practicing for weeks. Seriously, if i hear a drum line one more time…I will probably go crazy. They have been the soundtrack of my August and September. Anyway, I got permission to go onto the field to take pictures of our sponsored kids that were in the marches. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments!
September 13th was the march for the Preschools in our area. Seeing all my precious Sunday School kids was so much fun. They struggled to stay in a straight line, but were SO adorable in their little outfits. 
296164_10201200588810046_2100283015_n 600638_10201200704132929_1925814076_n 999778_10201200718373285_312949015_n 1001260_10201200710733094_1915872679_n 1236629_574545569272210_1225830294_n

My precious Allan David is on the road to recovery! Thanks to your prayers, he had surgery on September 16th to remove the cyst that was eating away at his little bitty leg. The doctor gave us an affordable price, and we were able to get it done right away. He’s at home resting now with his family and is getting seen by our doctor at the Clinic to make sure everything heals properly. Pray for him as he is in a little pain and also for the biopsy that will be done to make sure what he had wasn’t malignant.


I have loved having the opportunity lately to go to Santa Matilde on Thursdays and help with homework and random Sponsorship work. I fall in love with this village a little more every time I come and I enjoy getting to know the community in different ways. It’s a good time too to spend with Lisa and Cadence and hear about the kids and information about their school life.


I was so excited that Gema has started to sing with me in church! She was super nervous at first, and still hesitant to take on the full commitment of worship team, but she’s off to a great start. Her voice is sweet and she sings with a heart fully devoted to God and only worshipping him.


The traditional jumping on the top of the volcano picture. You have to take one, you just do.


I have been so blessed lately to be getting closer to this lovely lady. Teresa is part of the worship team and has only recently begun to trust me to pray for other areas of her life. I feel lucky that we are growing our friendship and she is letting me into personal things going on with her. We got to celebrate her birthday with a party since her sponsor were with us for a week. They truly love her and are devoted to making sure she is taken care of and growing spiritually.


I love life with these two cuties. Allan David and Britney make my heart full of joy. I love getting to be a child with them.

We have a World Race team with us right now! Each and every one of them have beautiful hearts and spirits and fit right into our ministry here at New Song. Mikkia has started to sing with me for our Saturday staff worship times and I love having her with us. Her voice is wonderful but her spirit for worship is what makes the music come alive.
Also, Michael Medlin and his family have recently made the move to come live and work full time with us. He plays guitar and has also started to help out with the worship. It’s a blessing to have more instruments involved!1272319_10152267235141164_1336373334_o 1273401_10152266542701164_1861200823_o IMG-20130907-00047-2And last but not least, I CAN GET MAIL HERE!!! So please, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE send me cards and notes and pictures and whatever else you’d like to bless me with that isn’t expensive or valuable.
My address is:

Haille Krieg
Reparto: Las Palmeras
Casa 19
Chichigalpa, Chinandega

How is your fall going? What is your favorite season and how to you like to spend your time enjoying it?

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  1. I love all the pics! Also thanks for sending Dad back safely 🙂 Your dad was blessed to be able to spend time with you and to see first hand what you do!

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