A Little Bit of Community LOVE Shout-out

1172364_10153150740825204_1446996130_o (1)

I love how Nicaraguans love.

Some can say that their culture is too nosey, everyone knows everyone’s business, people talk too much, they want to know everything about you…

But for me it’s perfect.

They care.

I have never felt so loved as when someone asked me if I’ve eaten breakfast or lunch or dinner, and if I haven’t, they hurry me to a chair and grab me a plate of food, a Big Cola, and ask me if the 5 pounds of food they’ve put in front of me is enough.

If I mention I have a headache or stomachache or some weird skin problem, they call me “Pobrecita” and find medicine to fix me up.

When I need a place to sleep, I have an open invitation to several houses that will make sure I have a bed.

If I take time to look nice and do my hair, put on makeup, someone always notices and compliments me.

When I am having a difficult moment and just don’t want to talk about it, I know several people I can go to that will just sit with me and keep me company.

If I’m having a rough hair day, there’s always someone to comb my hair and make me presentable again. If it’s worse than just a bad ponytail…I have the best lice picker-outers that a girl could want.

There’s always someone worrying themselves for my well-being and making sure that I’m doing well.

They want to know every little detail of my family and friends and my life in the States.

Even if I try to hide how I’m feeling, at least one person can tell that something’s going on and will pray for me or encourage my heart.

They are genuinely interested in the lives of people close to them.

And that’s how village life is!

You know everything about everyone and a lot of times it’s more than you need to know.

But I would take that any day over a community of cold, self-focused, individualistic  people that keep to themselves.

I love living a life fully open to my community and sharing in the joys, hardships, trials, and victories of the journey we’re all on to bring a little bit of heaven to earth.


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