June 2013 Update

IMG_2692Welcome to the beautiful month of June in Nicaragua!
We are now full on into rainy season! So let the mud baths and drenching bicycle rides begin.

This picture above perfectly describes this month for me. OK, I know that was a long shot, but just bear with me…I’ll explain.
I am in a place of waiting right now – waiting expectantly.
Here, Esmerelda, Delila, Julissa, and I are waiting for Maykeling to get some tasty Guayaba out of the tree for us.
In my life, I can see the fruit that God has for me, I see Him preparing it and getting ready to release it, but I’m waiting for the perfect time. Actually, God’s waiting for the perfect time to give it to me and I am resting in His promise that He will be faithful.

If you know me at all, you know I am not the best at having patience. I don’t like surprises if someone tells me beforehand, and I really just enjoy things happening in the moment, spontaneously. It’s hard for me to hear things and then be told to wait.
I admit it, I’m a child.

And in my childish ways I fail to see the ways that God is trying to work in these times of waiting. I miss that He’s just trying to sit and talk with me, comfort me, encourage me, wrap me in His arms of love.
So I have given up with trying to have my way, trying to cajole and plead for Him to just give it to me – NOW!
I have spent the last month praying for God to fill me up in this time.
I have been filled with His presence and soaked up His goodness.

Now I am asking God to satisfy this craving of mine for these things to start happening.
I am asking for Him to start fulfilling these promises.
I will wait.
I will wait as long as it takes, but I am praying prayers of readiness. Equip me O God, I am ready to get into the battle.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life personally since I’ve been back.
The other things are mainly getting transitioned back to living here. Us missionaries moved to a little house right outside the village of Candelaria, we now live in Las Palmeras.
It is wonderful, I have my own room, it’s painted bright yellow, and I have WINDOWS. It’s hard not being so close to people at night, I used to really love being able to go and sit at someone’s house until about 10 or 11pm, just having great conversation…but this is how things are now, and I am content. I am convinced God has the best for me. Pray for us as we figure out the dynamics of transportation, additional expenses, relationships, and finishing the last building projects at the house.


IMG_2687Our Panaderia is in full force! They are making loads of bread everyday and selling every last bit. I can’t wait to see them turn a profit and expand! It is a blessing to see God working in the new businesses we’re starting. There are only more good things to come!

IMG_2756Here we are at our Mother’s Day service at church! This holiday is extremely important and celebrated here. These mothers are amazing and work so hard for their family! The youth planned a whole night to celebrate them. It included worship, a teaching, games, gifts, dancing, and more. This game was for moms who had daughters in the youth group to try and guess which girl was their daughter with a blindfold on, only touching their face. It was hilarious! We know that parenting is hard in the village life, there are situations that are unavoidable, but we are so proud of the moms in our community that choose to be different. The moms who choose to love their children unconditionally and pray for them in all situations. They are important leaders in the village of Candelaria!

IMG_2767On our way to a special service in Santa Matilde. This is a typical truck ride, filled to the brim with people. Carolyn who is pictured with me is one of our summer interns! She is so sweet and hilarious, with a real heart for children and loving people.

















IMG_2794This was one of my favorite days this week! Darling Rosa heard that I love piglets, so invited me to her house to hold them and love them and take pictures. So we did that, and then I found out she also had baby puppies and baby ducklings as well! After I got done snuggling the loveys, Rosa informed me that her daughter’s pig was pregnant, and I HAD to go see it because it’s humongous.
It was enormous. Pregnant with at least 10 piglets.
And then we went for a tour of all the houses that she knew that had pigs.
She gets me! She is the only one who understand my love for pigs!
It’s great.


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