Santa Matilde…the village of HOPE


I never get over how adorable this picture is. I mean, COME ON.

This is my girl Gleysi. She lives in a little village called Santa Matilde.

I love her with all my heart. I wonder a lot of time how she’s going to grow up – what that experience is going to be like for her.

She has two parents…at the moment. She’s surrounded by a loving family…for the time being. She is healthy and growing…this week.

Santa Matilde is a pretty unstable community…the constant issues of alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, hunger, infections, illness are all factors that can be and currently are bringing its people down, keeping them from joyful freedom by poisoning the atmosphere with discouragement, depression, and the deeply rooted belief that there is nothing else. This is your life, you’ve made it this way, there are no second chances.

But it is beautiful. You walk in and see the sun shining through the mango trees, beautiful views of fields and fields of new life, growing and soaking up the sky. Then you meet the people and you can see the many similarities between the nature and the people…every part of Santa Matilde is crying out to be lifted up, always higher!

Jesus has been speaking to me a lot about Santa Matilde. He tells me they are reaching for something more, they are open to hear His truth, they are desperate for another chance at life. Let me tell you about a woman I met there, we’ll call her Maria:

Maria was a typical Nicaraguan woman who has a couple kids, a husband who works long hours, and she takes care of the house, cooks, and cleans all day. She was also a very typical Nicaraguan woman in that her husband physically and mentally abused her. I won’t go into details because that is her past – it’s her story but it’s not her life now. And I want you to remember the person she has become, not be affected by who she was. Maria told me that her house was full of fear and anger, it was not a happy place to be. She started going to Bible studies led by some American women (Whitney and Maritza from New Song) and learned about a Savior that loved her and wanted the best for her life. He was a place of peace and comfort for her troubled soul, a place to rest her weary head and heart. Maria knew that God would take care of her if she chose to trust him. So one night after her husband brutally beat her, she ran away with her children across the country to San Juan del Sur where her mother lived. I can’t even tell you how huge that is in this culture. She took a stand for herself and acted in confidence and FAITH. God was faithful right back to her. After a few weeks, maybe more like a couple months, Maria decided to return home after her husband refused to stop begging for her to come back. Can you even imagine how frightening that would be? Not to mention she had her children to take protect. But she felt it was the right time. After much prayer and thinking, they made the day-long journey home to be reunited. Maria’s husband found her changed. She had a strength and beauty he had never seen before, or maybe just hadn’t take the time to notice. She was a woman of the Lord, and found her dignity and loveliness in his truth and protection.
This story has a happy ending. Maria started bringing her entire family (husband included) to church and he has accepted Christ into his life. They are involved with church and are striving to be a joyful, Christ-centered family.

But not all these stories have happy endings. Most of them are in the beginning stages, not even sure where to go next. I don’t see myself as a leader in their community but I see us growing together – helping each other and building each other up in love and encouragement.
I am excited by the hope I feel there. It’s the same feeling I had when I first came to New Song and saw the work they were doing – the feeling that “Big things are going to happen here…I have to be a part of this!”.

I am WAY excited to be going once a week to start visiting more families and building relationships with them. I long to be family, to pour love out and see it grow into something beautiful with my people. I want to see Gleysi grow up in a community that cherishes their children and give them hope to become something incredible, something unbelievable.

My heart is in a little village that doesn’t seem like much, but is filled with the hope of becoming a piece of heaven on earth.

Join me in prayer for the spiritual warfare, for the discouragement, for the people broken in spirit. Pray for hope and freedom and joy! For deliverance from the normalities of their culture.


A little reminder, I am in the States until May 20th and I would love to meet up and discuss all of this more in depth and get connected in any new ways that are available. Read how you can help me out in more ways than just donating HERE.

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