March/April Photo Blog


We are so blessed with an amazing organization called “Educate Nica” that helps so many of the kids in our community get sponsored for school, medical/dental care, and bright futures. Click on the picture to go to Educate Nica’s website and learn more!


Meet my precious friend Darwin from Santa Matilde. He needs a sponsor!
“Darwin lives with his mom, her boyfriend, and his two older siblings in a small, one room house made of tin, plastic, and cardboard. Darwin and his siblings have been passed around to various family members as his mom and dad have been in the midst of a custody battle. Darwin is in his first year of preschool. He likes to draw, paint and practice his letters in school. Darwin stutters and still has a very limited vocabulary for a child his age. Sponsorship would open doors to have him evaluated. It will also allow him to study consistently.”
Click on the picture to go to his sponsor page on the Educate Nica website to sponsor Darwin for $25 a month!


Here are the sweet kids from Santa Matilde! If you’ve been reading my blogs lately, you will know how much my heart has grown for this village and the precious souls that live there.


Got the opportunity to sing a special at my friend Emerson’s church. Always an experience…


Christian and Rosita.


I love this girl with all my heart!


Trip to the dam, “La Presa” with some of my faves! Jovanny, Abel, and Cadence!


This view never gets old.


Jovanny and Abel made lunch for Cadence and I one day!


Gosh I love them. Rosita and Abel.


New friend! This is Syndi, she pierced my ear 🙂 She could definitely use prayer. Please pray that Rosita and I can be good examples in her life and provide her with love and encouragement to change her future.


I am so excited that Cadence is with us now! She is a great joy and comfort to me, I absolutely love our friendship that is growing. I’m excited to see all the ways that God is going to use her unique, passionate personality here at New Song!


Our church made the decision to appoint Saul as youth pastor. I have a great love and respect for him and his relationship with God. He has some great ideas that he would like to try with the youth and I am asking for prayer that we would have the wisdom to carry them out well.


Oh, how I love my dear friend Jovanny. He has lovingly and patiently taught me Spanish and how to dance Latino. He is incredibly intelligent and motivated, teaching himself English among a thousand other things. Jovanny is in university now and would love to do more things with English in the future. I have no doubt he can accomplish ANYTHING he sets his mind to!


Easter Sunday with my lovely Cadence and Rosita!


Communion on Easter Sunday. This is such a big deal that some of the youth participated! Having almost all grown up in legalistic church backgrounds, there is a huge amount of controversy within the youth about who can take communion, who is really a christian, etc. We are trying to impress the truth that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross covers it all, and we are made worthy by that. Keep praying that the youth believe and preach the truth!


I loved this little area of sleepy adorableness 🙂


Rosita’s back to playing Softball!


Cleaning out our wood-burning oven for the food that is going to be made for the restaurant! This picture never fails to crack me up 🙂 Christian and Rosita hard at work!!


My last day before my month in the States was Junieth’s Quinceañera. Here’s the church before it started! This is what I spent my morning doing – setting up the church.


Waiting for…oh about 2 hours for the ceremony to start. Typical.


The beautiful Rosita and I!


Here they come! I believe she had 14 couples in the procession. Aren’t they adorable in their little matching outfits?


The star of the day and her uncle Marvin. She was absolutely gorgeous!


Two of my sweeties, Yakeling and Marileysi!


The love of my life, Britani.


The Vega kids kill me. I love them with all my heart.


After-party dancing!


Honored and blessed to be a part of these beautiful womens’ lives.


Aaaaand I’m home! With my crazy family!


So glad to be back home for the wedding of a dear friend…and to finally see my big sister!

A little reminder, I am in the States until May 20th and I would love to meet up and discuss all of this more in depth and get connected in any new ways that are available. Read how you can help me out in more ways than just donating HERE.

Thank you for your continued support of the journey God’s put me on! If you would like to see pictures, feel free to add me on FaceBook. They upload faster on there. If you feel led to make a donation, there are a few ways you can go about that:

1. Write a check and send to Life Church. Make check out to Life Church, put Haille Krieg in the memo line, and send to 7001 Haggerty Rd, Canton MI 48187

2. Send money electronically through Life Church’s PayPal account. You can find that here: Make sure you specify that it’s for Haille Krieg.

3. Set up an Elexio account to have an amount taken out of your bank account each month. Log into Elexio Pulse and click on the “My Giving” link to the far right, you’ll see not only your history in giving, you’ll see a large link in the upper left that says “click here to Give Online”.  If you don’t have an Elexio account you will go to the above link and click on “need an account?” and follow the prompts.

All donations are tax deductible, which is one of the reasons for me going through my church. Life Church does send out donation statements for your tax purposes.


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