Just had to get a little wandering out of the way first…

Hey friends and you dear supporters, 

Just want to say…


Thank you for putting  up with me as I’ve been jumping around different ministries, trying to find the right fit.

I’ve tried English Classes, Piano Lessons, Prayer Ministry, and a million other things in between.

I was searching so desperately to find where I was supposed to be, where God could be using me the best.
It was exhausting.

But it’s over for the moment.

I really feel at peace with where I’m at and what my schedule’s like right now.
Want to know where I’m at ministry-wise? I’m pretty excited about it all!

Santa Matilde


Hanging out with some of my Santa Matilde loves – Griselda and her darling baby Glaysi
Photo Credit: Lisa Smith

I’ve posted about it before…Santa Matilde’s one of our outreach villages. I had been going once a week for English classes but had to stop those for awhile with scheduling conflicts. Cadence has come to take over that, which is awesome because she’s an incredibly gifted and exciting teacher, but my heart is still there. I haven’t wanted to leave because I feel such a pull. I’m hoping to write a blog in the near future more about my heart for this place because I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it.
Basically, it is a village that is being pulled down by darkness, discouragement, secrets, abuse, drugs, violence, and unimaginable sadness. But the beauty of it all is that Santa Matilde is OPEN. They are ready for a change and there are small signs that it could really happen.
I see so much hope.
I will be going once a week with my dear friend Rosita to visit and pray for families. Our original focus was going to be women, and it still is, but we’re also feeling called to a few specific families that just are in desperate need of encouragement.
So that’s my Friday! It takes up a good chunk of time since we bike there…which I love!

Sunday School

Photo Credit: Lisa Smith

My sweet Sunday School class
Photo Credit: Lisa Smith

I cannot get enough of the precious Pre-school loves here. They are my favorite age group to work with, in the way that I can work with them what I do best…nurturing. I am NOT gifted in classroom teaching…leading…that kind of thing. But small children? They’re perfect. They just want and need to be loved. They need to know they have a big Daddy who is looking out for them and loves them no matter what, and wants to take care of them and is always with them, no matter the scary situations that are happening in their houses. They are my heart.
I have joined Sunday School as a full-fledged teacher of the Pre-school class. It’s a good time. A crazy time, but so much fun!



Leading worship with Brandon and Kenia

This has always been my main reason for coming down here to Nicaragua. It’s my heart of hearts, my most intense passion, the greatest love of mine. I really had no idea what I was going to do with it though! As I’ve settled  in and found more of my place, my gifts and talents have figured themselves out and just kind of settled into a routine. Saturdays, we have staff worship, and Brandon and I lead that every week. Here’s an example of it! We’ve also been leading worship at our Sunday night church services with a couple youth, mainly Kenia and Christian. It’s been a great opportunity to get to know them better and to help them grow where they’re gifted. I’m excited for one day to be able to sit and enjoy worship as the youth lead it all by themselves. That’s the goal! At the moment, they still want me to sing with them, which I’m absolutely glad to do. Our favorite song is “El Nos Ama”, which is the Spanish version of “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan. 

Those are the 3 main things I am concentrating on, praying for, and believing in. I still have my relationships with youth that I love to spend time on and I am always up for visiting for new people. Also, I do the grocery-shopping for our New Song family, which completely satisfies the domestic house-wife part of me. It’s great, I feel like a mom. I love it. In addition, I have started accompanying a couple kids to the village Pre-school two days a week to pick up on some methods of teaching that age range and also to get to know the families with children of that age. All this is for future plans that I will try to update you all on soon, but I’d rather not say anything until some things are more final.

A little reminder, I am in the States until May 20th and I would love to meet up and discuss all of this more in depth and get connected in any new ways that are available. Read how you can help me out in more ways than just donating HERE.

Thank you for your continued support of the journey God’s put me on! If you would like to see pictures, feel free to add me on FaceBook. They upload faster on there. If you feel led to make a donation, there are a few ways you can go about that:

1. Write a check and send to Life Church. Make check out to Life Church, put Haille Krieg in the memo line, and send to 7001 Haggerty Rd, Canton MI 48187

2. Send money electronically through Life Church’s PayPal account. You can find that here: http://www.lifechurchcanton.org/#/about-life/financial-contributions. Make sure you specify that it’s for Haille Krieg.

3. Set up an Elexio account to have an amount taken out of your bank account each month. Log into Elexio Pulse https://lifechurch.elexiopulse.com and click on the “My Giving” link to the far right, you’ll see not only your history in giving, you’ll see a large link in the upper left that says “click here to Give Online”.  If you don’t have an Elexio account you will go to the above link and click on “need an account?” and follow the prompts.

All donations are tax deductible, which is one of the reasons for me going through my church. Life Church does send out donation statements for your tax purposes.


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  1. Haille, I’m so proud of you! Sounds like you’ve come a long way. You’ll continue to be in my prayers of course. Love you!

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