Hey I’m Back in the States!


Hey Friends!

I can’t believe 5 months has gone by so fast…
And I’m now in the States for a month!

It’s been a little crazy since getting back but certainly not as emotional as my last time returning. I have a ticket purchased to go back on May 20th and I’m realizing where my real home is.
It doesn’t really feel like home in the states anymore. I am LOVING seeing my family and friends and spending time with them, but it feels like a visit more than anything else.
I am already homesick for Nicaragua and am having little moments where it’s killing me not to know what’s going on.
This is great though, and it is a HUGE blessing to be able to talk in person about what’s going on in Nicaragua in my life and the lives of the sweet people I work with. Nobody tells you how hard fund-raising is when you’re actually out on the field!

So that brings me to my next point, the reason for writing this blog:
I have GOT to do some networking for fund-raising while I’m home.

At this point, I have $410 committed per month for a year.

I have made the decision to live indefinitely in Nicaragua, working with New Song Mission Nicaragua and I am looking for supporters who are willing to make a commitment to partner with me in that financially. Ideally, I would like to be supported $700 a month. This will be covering my food, filtered water, electricity, safe sleeping arrangements, days off, medical care, dentist, transportation, and miscellaneous ministry expenses.


  • Make a monthly donation! The total cost of $700 could be covered by:
    10 people donating $70 a month, 20 people donating $35 a month, 50 people donating $14 a month
  • Make a one-time donation!
    1. Write a check and send to Life Church. Make check out to Life Church, put Haille Krieg in the memo line, and send to 7001 Haggerty Rd, Canton MI 48187

    2. Send money electronically through Life Church’s PayPal account. You can find that here: http://www.lifechurchcanton.org/#/about-life/financial-contributions. Make sure you specify that it’s for Haille Krieg.

    3. Set up an Elexio account to have an amount taken out of your bank account each month. Log into Elexio Pulse https://lifechurch.elexiopulse.com and click on the “My Giving” link to the far right, you’ll see not only your history in giving, you’ll see a large link in the upper left that says “click here to Give Online”.  If you don’t have an Elexio account you will go to the above link and click on “need an account?” and follow the prompts.

    All donations are tax deductible, which is one of the reasons for me going through my church. Life Church does send out donation statements for your tax purposes.

  • Have me come speak about my mission/country/ministry for your:
    Youth Group
  • Download my music at NoiseTrade and TIP ME!
  • I sing and play music!
    I would love to have the opportunity to play a concert or set somewhere!
    I sing in English AND Spanish!
    Here’s an example of the worship I do for our staff every Saturday
  • Promote my blog by re-posting to your FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Spread the word by mouth! 
    I am more than happy to meet with people and discuss more in detail what everything I’m doing is and how the Lord is moving, working, and growing in Nicaragua. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and put up with my pleas for support.
It’s not my favorite thing to do at all, but it is necessary.
All your love and support and encouragement is helping me tremendously and giving me so much hope that I can accomplish the dreams God has put in my heart.

Please, please, please contact me if you would like to meet and have a little chat or would like to set up me to speak somewhere.
You can e-mail me at haillekrieg@gmail.com

God Bless you with all the love He’s put in my heart!


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