When Heaven Meets Earth

This week Lisa and I went to the beach for our days off. The beach we go to, Playa Roca, is absolutely gorgeous and has so many places to get away and just soak in the presence of God.
I was sitting on a rock by myself, right in the ocean, far from any other people, and just talking with Jesus. Sometimes, I end up singing to Him…it’s beautiful. So I’m singing “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan and there’s a part that says, “We are His portion, and we are His pride/Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes/If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking/And Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss and my heart turns violently inside of my chest…”

It made me think:

What does that look like, when heaven meets earth?

The truth is, it’s MESSY.

Heaven’s intentions are so pure, so completely full of love. But this earth we live in, we don’t know HOW to accept that love.

Yesterday while we were in staff worship, all this was on my heart and I ended up journalling this prayer…it explains how I feel about it: 

“When your heart touches the earth it created, where does your love go? 

Your creation, my people, we’re not ready to be captivated by true love.

We don’t understand it.

You’re trying to help us know the height and depth and width of this tragically enormous hope you have for our lives.

If only we could know, if only we could find your strength inside us — we could be beyond unstoppable.

We would be made part of you.


What joy, to be complete at last! I’ve done so much searching….to find my identity, to find who can love me, who can make me believe that there’s more to life than striving for perfection in everyone else’s eyes.

And your eyes, Oh Lord, they hold the unfathomable waters of your soul.

A place where I could lose this wretched, earthly shell and be wholly, wholly, WHOLLY YOURS.

Jesus, this is all I long to be. Make me whole Jesus. Jesus, make this heart whole.

Leave no cracks, no places where I could let your presence escape. Even if I had holes, your spirit would never want to leave.

This is the love I will never stop singing about. The love that created me just to love me.

Who could ever be worth of that?

And you take even that worry from my mind. You have made me complete.

This is how I was created to live.

I’m praying that this week, you can let the love of God complete you. That you can discover that you were made for this kind of love. God truly made you and believed that you were special, that you were valuable and that you were worthy for His plans. Open your ears to the love that Jesus wants to speak over your life! He is READY to equip you to live a life worthy of the calling He’s given you!

Psalm 85:7-8

“O Eternal One, show us Your unfailing love;
give us what we truly need: Your salvation.
I will hear what the True God – the Eternal – will say,
for He will speak peace over His people,
peace over those who faithfully follow Him.”

If you would like to pray for me this week, the biggest thing I need prayer for is my fund-raising. I am really low right now and if I want to continue living here full-time, I have got to get more support. Other things I could use prayer for is to figure out more structure for our worship practices and program so that when Brandon gets back from the States, we can get right back into this, with more ideas and energy.

Thank you for your continued support of the journey God’s put me on! If you would like to see pictures, feel free to add me on FaceBook. They upload faster on there. If you feel led to make a donation, there are a few ways you can go about that:

1. Write a check and send to Life Church. Make check out to Life Church, put Haille Krieg in the memo line, and send to 7001 Haggerty Rd, Canton MI 48187

2. Send money electronically through Life Church’s PayPal account. You can find that here: http://www.lifechurchcanton.org/#/about-life/financial-contributions. Make sure you specify that it’s for Haille Krieg.

3. Set up an Elexio account to have an amount taken out of your bank account each month. Log into Elexio Pulse https://lifechurch.elexiopulse.com and click on the “My Giving” link to the far right, you’ll see not only your history in giving, you’ll see a large link in the upper left that says “click here to Give Online”.  If you don’t have an Elexio account you will go to the above link and click on “need an account?” and follow the prompts.

All donations are tax deductible, which is one of the reasons for me going through my church. Life Church does send out donation statements for your tax purposes.


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