Month 1 Photo Blog


Spent my first couple days back in Bethel, where I had worked on my first trip. This is one of my precious babies that I love with my whole heart.


So blessed to have this beautiful lady in my life! Lisa Smith is a missionary who has been living and working at New Song for almost 3 years.


Thanksgiving dinner with Tim and Lisa!


Our ridiculously amazing Thanksgiving dinner, made by Tim


My beautiful backyard. These adorable houses keep multiplying and filling up with sweet new families that I cannot wait to meet!


Made another visit to Bethel to see mi mami Connie and her new piglets…..GOSH


This wonderful lady is the most special person to my heart here in Nicaragua. Her love and humongous heart for Jesus show in everything she does. You will never meet anyone else like Connie in your life.


My sweet little room in Candelaria.


This is my darling Marileysing who has captured a CHUNK of my heart. This was my first time riding a bike with someone sitting on it, instead of the being the one sitting. Didn’t fall or kill Mari so that’s a victory…


Latest venture….machete cutting grass on Lisa’s land! Went once with her, Rosita, and Gema and finished about 1/3 of it. When Lisa left to spend Christmas in the states, the girls and I decided to finish it for her!


I’ve had lice for about 2 weeks straight now. Still trying to get rid of them!


Machete cutting grass the second time without Lisa. We ALMOST finished!


Machete fights are NEVER a good idea. JOKE to think I can do anything about it, though 🙂


2 surprises in one day…Amy and Connie came with Tacos for me for lunch and it rained! An absolutely delightful day.


Jesus just blows me away. I live in the most beautiful place on earth!


The youth threw Tim a birthday/going-away party


I love these wonderful people in my life! So sad to say goodbye to Tim after a month, and Amy, even though she’s been living in a different place.



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