My dear Rosita and I

I am continually blown away by how God chooses to use me.

I’m blown away by the fact that He WANTS to use me.
That He DELIGHTS in using me.

This is what He is lovingly putting on my heart these past few days:

Ephesians 1:4 “God chose us to be in a relationship with Him even before He laid out plans for this world; He wanted us to live holy lives characterized by love, free from sin, and blameless before Him. “ Aaaand verse 11, “[In Him,] we stand to inherit even more. As His heirs, we are predestined to play a key role in His unfolding purpose that is energizing everything to conform to His will.”


I am totally convinced at this point in my life that God is using me in ways I can’t see and understand.
I’m totally OK with it.
One way is in the way I can physically talk and be with people. I can physically give someone a hug, or rub their back, or hold their elbow (I really enjoy elbows). If you know me, you know I am an extremely touchy person and just love to snuggle people to death.
If we are open to God’s presence, we can feel Him just loving us.
Just adoring us.
But sometimes that takes a little practice. And sometimes you understand God’s love better when someone is physically showing it to you.

So thank you Father, for choosing me as your daughter, and giving me your character trait of loving to love people. 
Thank you for showing me each day how I am becoming more like you.

My favorite parts of the day here are when God tells me to just walk around Candelaria. He always puts someone(s) in my path to just love on.
Some days I walk over to the Vega house and sit and talk with Rosita for a little bit. She is beautiful, and has a big heart, and doesn’t always have people surrounding her who believe in her and her abilities. If I can just impress on her for even a half hour how valuable she is and how much God delights in her, it fills my heart right up to the brim.
I love how God does that…just blessing people back and forth.
Other days it’s small children that you best believe I absolutely destroy with kisses and snuggles and hugs. I don’t get a whole lot of chances most days to spend time with kids, but when I do, every experience is one that I cherish. Jesus just KNOWS that those little muffins bring me a joy that is unlike any other. My time with them is spent running around, playing their strange games, talking with them, teaching them ridiculous English, wiping off tears, tickling to death, getting the dirtiest feet you’ve ever seen, and praying, BLESSING them with Jesus’ love.
Every toothy little smile, every smooch on the cheek, every “te amo mucho” is proof that Jesus is working through my craziness and doing something with my life that I can’t even comprehend.
I have absolutely no control over my life. And I love it. I really really do.


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