He loves you, you know, right where you’re at.

In everything that comes your way.

You might pass things by.

You make your own choices.

You think you know best what the next step is.

Leaning on your own understanding is where you find yourself so many times.

It reveals itself as wrong.

Don’t cower in dejection, 

let not your heart grow weary!

It feels like it’s happened a million times.

His love is here.

Right where you’re at.

Your decisions don’t change how much or why He loves you,


It’s who He is.

He can’t change, wouldn’t want to.

Because that’s what makes Him so powerful.

His crazy, incredible, hard-to-grasp, POWERFUL love.

It fills every situation.

It covers every emptiness.

It knows no boundaries, no restrictions.

His love is ETERNAL.

It will never fail.

It will never change!

No matter the circumstance.

He is OUR God and I am proud of Him.

I am blown away to be His.

I want to call His name out,

shout of His glory,

invite His presence into every corner of this earth.

He is alive!


2 responses

  1. 🙂 What a wonderful and powerful reminder. You have been given some great wisdom. Wisdom that is able to touch many hearts that you may never know that you have touched…. Te amo mucho ❤

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