Surrender the Easy, the Hard, the REALLY Hard…oh and you get a PIGLET.

Life is all about surrender.

Think back on every blessing you received from God.

Did you give something up, like trust or control, before it happened?

My guess is the answer is yes.


See, God can’t be in perfect union with a closed off heart.
A half-closed heart, a quarter-closed heart…doesn’t matter how small the fraction is, if you are still not giving God your ENTIRE heart, you’re not experiencing ENTIRE freedom.

God can work with ANY heart. He can prove Himself to you a million times. You can SEE him work.

But you won’t be able to EXPERIENCE, to FEEL Him work, to feel like you and God are a team working together without complete surrender.

I hear you, you have to be practical about some things. You can let God just run rampant through your life, doing what He wants with your relationships, your money, your job, your family… You just don’t know if He’ll do as good a job as you will be able to. He doesn’t know you as well as you know yourself.

Let me just tell you…THESE ARE LIES FROM THE ENEMY!

God knows you inside and out. He created you! He made you the way you are! Also, He created you in His image. I’m pretty sure God knows himself and what He’s capable of.

We are born into sin. We will never be able to escape the people who discourage us and try to convince us that we rule our own bodies and souls. I don’t get down on myself for feeling like I need to control my circumstances like I do sometimes, and I don’t hold any standards for you either. It’s just not fair. And nowhere in the Bible does Jesus tell me to judge people.

But you can make the effort to show God that you trust Him implicitly. You can start believing that God is truly a BIG God and has absolute control over your every circumstance. He has never and will never forget about you, you are His special child that he loves beyond anything you can imagine. He never wanted you to feel overwhelmed, stressing about what you need to do to prove yourself, to make yourself attractive…He’s waiting for you to be like, OK God, you know what’s best for me, take the reins.

It’s not easy to just all at once give up EVERYTHING in it’s entirety and feel OK about it. Sometimes, it’s giving things up one at a time and just getting to the point where it’s as easy as breathing to trust that God’s got it taken care of.

I can tell you from personal experience that it certainly is not a pleasant process to begin with. But those bad days, the days when you’re crying out to God and asking Him why He’s not doing anything with what you’ve given Him, those will soon be forgotten when God sees the right moment to bless you. His crazy way that He knows what you need way better than yourself will overwhelm you with His goodness.

I pinky promise you that.

Something else that helps is trying not to set standards in your mind about what you think the absolute best is. If you have it in your head what the best possible scenario is, what you want so badly for yourself, what you think will make you the most happy, get rid of it.

You will always be disappointed. Always.

God’s plans are usually something we NEVER would have thought would fulfill us so completely.

He satisfies us. I wish for all of you to have those moments where you just bask in His presence, soaking up the perfectness and radiance of His love and purpose for you.

If you have one of those moments, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I want to hear!

In other news…please be praying for me as I am having new developments in my plans to go back to Nicaragua. Things are starting to get more positive and like….REAL LIFE!! I can’t say anything for sure for a little while, but I will update everyone as soon as I find out everything. Thank you for your continued support! You have no idea how much it means to this little heart of mine that y’all are praying for me. I would like to give you all a kiss on the cheek and a pet piglet.

So uh, MWAH and HERE:

LAAAAAAAAAAA Don’t you just want to die from the preciousness of it?? I can’t stand it. Just can’t. I want to cry. OK, there might be a piglet picture at the end of every blog now. You’re welcome.


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