Haille who?

I learned something about myself today.

I learned that I don’t see myself as Jesus does.


People tell me, “You’re so kind, so loving, so caring…”

I always feel uncomfortable when I get told that.


Now don’t get me wrong, I so appreciate the encouragement.

It fills my heart up when people speak the Lord’s truth into my life.


But I realized that the reason I was always so quick to smile and shake it off was because I didn’t believe it.

If you know me, you’ll know that I am only recently coming into believing that God has given me beauty.


It’s been a struggle, a long journey, but God is showing me everyday who HE sees me as.

Who He created me to be.


He makes me beautiful through the things He’s doing through me.

He sees my heart. He knows my soul.


I don’t know if this sounds vain, I hope I’m not coming across that way, but I’m starting to see the good in myself.

I’m starting to see that I am a loving person, a lover of anyone and everyone who crosses my path.


But I am ONLY that, only SOMETHING, I only make a difference because He has MADE ME THAT WAY.

I can’t limit that, control that, tell God what I think I am


I kinda get it now…

And I’m kind of starting to love myself.


HAHA ok what is this cheesy nonsense.

I really mean it when I say all this but it just comes out so dramatic.


To finish this all off, here’s a picture that makes everything else less dramatic:


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