Love Conquers All. (Spoken Word)

He is my shepherd

And I am the 100th sheep that wandered away,

So dumb and so blind to protection and safety

Right in front of me.

But He pursued me and drew me back to his loving arms

And called me his own again.

I surrender.

i’m tired of running away.

I surrender.

I’m tired of carrying it all.

I surrender!

He didn’t die so I could live my life in fear.

He conquered death and rescued me so I could be free.

Let me shout at the top of my lungs,

With my loudest cry,

I can’t die,

I am saved!

Oh Lord, I ask, and I receive your presence around me,

Surrounding, it’s all powerful

Possessing love no man can explain,

He can’t dare to proclaim his OWN strength

There’s no other way,

The Lord is getting him there, getting him home!

My home is not here,

I have no fear,

I know it’s coming, the time is near.

It’s getting close,k I have to know

That I can’t get there on my own.

My Father’s wish, my Daddy’s dream is to bring

HIS kingdom down to earth.

He says to her, his daughter, me,

That she has victory,

She has slain her enemies with HIS righteous hand.

He’s given her,

enabled his daughter,

his warrior with strength and beauty.

I am humbled, can’t stand the honor,

I bow down before my King.

He lifts my head and whispers sweetly,



And everything else can fail but LOVE,


It brings up, it brings out

All the best in every being,

There is no one, not a single person

Who can resist true LOVE.

And that is free.

That is God’s free,

no-strings-attached, expectation-free gift.

His treasure He yearns, He desires you accept.

The only reason I can ever love Him

Is because He first loved me.

Loved us.

Loved the world.

The world that would turn their selfish, arrogant backs

To Him and his TRUTH.

His raw, unending heart and love for them.

But somehow, by some other-worldly, God force,

(It’s called love)

There’s forgiveness.

For those sinners,

those back-stabbers,

those filthy, WRETCHED creatures.

Those people who I am in a crowd with.

It was ME who turned my back,

lacked the discipline to remain

True to the only one,

only thing that’s ever made me feel alive.


A world like ours can’t understand the concept.

Forgiveness is love.

And love conquers all.

It conquers ALL.

Love is victorious.

Love has saved my soul.



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