When all else fails…

His love is enough.

It covers every imperfection.

His love is more than enough.

It goes above and beyond.

His love is overwhelming.

It changes lifetimes of bitterness.

His love keeps no records of wrongs.

It’s mercies are new every morning.

In other words, every day is a clean slate.

His love has no end.

It was, is, and will always be.

His love is FREE.

It doesn’t need any deeds or good works.

His love is not of this world.

But it needs to be shared with this world.

His love conquered death.

It doesn’t understand fear.

His love is a light.

It shines brightest, it’s contrast is more evident in the darkness.

His love is the truest form of humbleness.

It possesses no arrogance.

His love puts up with anything and everything that comes along.

It is not easily upset.

TRUTH is Love’s delight. 

I miss my Nica lovies…


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