A Massive Collection of LONG-overdue Pictures

This is a pretty normal day in Bethel. I love my girls!

Baby Harrison, of whom I am extremely enamored.

Loving on Jordan in Bethel.

Beautiful Carlele and an iguana. I love my life 🙂

Young Women's Bible Study! After Lindsey's teaching on God's promises, we wrote down what God had promised us on notecards as a reminder to tangibly have and look at.

Baby Kendall. The love of my life.

Spring cleaning at the Project!

The INCREDIBLE World Race team that stayed with us for their Month 3

11 in the back of the truck! Rolling Nica style!

Making a baseball field with some of the World Racers at the orphanage.

Someone these things always happen to me.
Marcus is sorry. Because it may have been his fault that I am covered in paint.
This is at an orphanage that we did various work projects at! The main one being painting this building.

Friday night movie night with baby Harrison! Irene, Lindsey, and Blanca (Harrison's mom) are to my right.

Kacie, Teresa, and I at our Friday night movie night. Another excuse to get dressed up and look nice 🙂

My beautiful friend Yahaira. I love this woman! So full of wisdom and such a prankster.

We put some new sinks in the Project. First step was knocking holes through the wall.

Sometimes our team decides to go all out to play Sardines. We're legit. I guess...

If you had a shirt that was a 3XL, wouldn't you want to fit a friend in it with you?

Loving on a couple of boys who lived by an enormous garbage dump. It's a hard scene to see, people making their living off the few pieces of trash that they spend all day searching for.

Celebrating Mario Day! He is such an awesome, helpful man with the biggest servant's heart. We wanted to make sure that he knew how much we appreciated him.

New tattoos!
L-R: Naomi, Kacie, Me

Renewing our visas in Costa Rica (long day).

The rainy season has begun!! And always at the most inopportune times...

Gorgeous beach in Leon.
"You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea"

Beautiful reflection time at the beach in Leon

PUPPIES!!!!!!! Little did we know our dog Lotie was pregnant...until one night when she popped out a couple perritos!


This is a sad subject for me. If you know me, you know how much I love pigs. Piglets in particular. Well, we had one. For three wonderful, terribly short days I became best friends with this pig named Chele. And then he was gone. Where to I have no idea. But it was tragic. And still is.

Leading worship at NewSong in Candelaria with Marcus, Shawndell, and Christian.
We were given about 15 minutes notice.

Ohhhh the awkwardness in this picture 🙂
It was Pedro's birthday and he wanted a picture with me...he also wanted to shots with Amy, Lisa, and I. You can't please everyone all the time I guess 😉
Sweet, beautiful baby Katalin is in my arms!

Teaching Joel how to make bracelets. I didn't realize how many people wanted to learn!

My beauties and I at Candelaria watching the sunset.

My Not-So-Hermosas Pies!


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