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THANK YOU so much for all of your support. It means the world to me, and gets me even more stoked to return to the beautiful place I have come to call home.


Good trees = Good fruit

Matthew 24:35 (The Voice)

“My words are always true and always here with you. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Why is it so hard to remember the promises God has given us?

He says right there in Matthew that His words are the truest things that ever were, are, and will be.

That is something to hold on to.

The devil, he’s a sneaky guy. He tries to tempt you away from that promise by saying that nothing’s permanent. Things are always changing. God didn’t speak to you, you made that up on your own. It never really happened.

And then shame. How dare you take your own opinions and make it seem like they’re from God?!

Remember though,

“You see, God did not give us a cowardly spirit but a powerful, loving, and disciplined spirit.” 
2 Timothy 1:7 (The Voice)

If you are truly seeking and following after God’s will, He has made you holy, pure, and worthy. He is going to do good works in you!

“Good trees produce good fruits; bad trees produce bad fruits. You can always tell a tree by its fruits.”
Matthew 13:33

Believe that God has made you a good tree. That He will produce good fruits from you and you are worthy of sharing those fruits with others.

For me, that is my promise from my Father. That He has made me capable of producing good fruits and they are worth sharing with His people. He has given me gifts. I am his vessel.

If I am focused on pursuing His plans and not letting outside influences or my own human thoughts bring me down, my God has promised me an incredible life and future.

That is why…

I live to glorify HIM. 

What promises has God made you?


Another promise that God has made me is that I am going back to Nicaragua to continue ministering to His people there. I am trying to raise $10,000 to stay for a year. I need your help to fund my trip! Read more about it here and please consider supporting me financially and/or prayerfully. One way you can do that is by buying one of my hand-made bracelets

Bracelets for Nicaragua!

In my last post, I talked about starting to fund-raise.

Here is my first project!

While in Nicaragua, I was taught by these wonderful people how to make some really awesome bracelets. My friend Yahaira taught me to make those ones with the diamonds.

There was this great store in Leon that sold really good string. It’s waxed and very strong so these bracelets will last years and years.

I’m selling them for $8 each, with all the proceeds going towards my next trip to Nicaragua.

Here are the ones I have currently made:

Let me know if you are interested in buying one of these! If you like one of these patterns but want different colors, let me know and I will make it. The colors I have are: green, gold, pink, purple, dark blue, turqoise, and beige. Keep checking back for new pictures because I will update this as bracelets are sold and made.

Send me an e-mail at or message me on Facebook.

Feel free to share this with your friends/family!

AND Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s that time again…

So I hope that by now you have heard about my plans for this fall. If not, you can read about them here.

Short and sweet, God has called me to continue doing missions work in Nicaragua.

Let me introduce you to a wonderful organization called New Song.

Located in the village of Candelaria, New Song seeks:

“To enjoy life changing relationships in real community,
To disciple and train local pastors and to assist them in planting new churches,
To provide health care,
To invite young missionaries and teams to experience God at work among us,
To develop self-sustaining businesses and see people learn to provide for themselves,
To prepare a generation to break the cycle of spiritual and social poverty.”

During my last couple weeks in Nicaragua with my Passport team, we had the opportunity to partner in ministry with this organization. Almost immediately, I was captivated with the people, the vision, and the way the Spirit was working in lives. It was there that God put a passion in my heart for youth and really spoke to me about coming back to Nicaragua to specifically work with them.
The congregation at New Song is mostly youth (which in Nicaragua means anyone age  14 to about 30 who is not married and doesn’t have children). They are being discipled by the incredible staff and being shown what leaders they can be in their community by being examples of a Christian life. Helped by the patient and loving guidance of the staff, these youth have already started to make a difference. Their hearts are being changed to want a relationship with their heavenly Father, and the by-product of that is them wanting to pursue lives devoted to God. They have started stepping into positions in the church – teaching sunday school, dance classes, english, and much more. These young men and women have limitless potential that they are starting to tap into and bring into the light. It was so exciting to see a little part of it while I was there and it is the main reason I am feeling God call me back. I really desire to be a part of this movement!

Alrighty, so now that you’ve read a little about the organization that I’m going to work with when I go back, let me share a few details of how this is going to work. At the moment, I’m still figuring out the logistics, but I just wanted to put this out there so you all can get a better idea of what my plans are. Also, I’m going to be honest, I need to start raising funds as soon as possible since it’s not going to be something I can pay for on my own.

  • The estimated date of departure is going to be in September or October of this year.
  • I’m going to be staying for a year.
  • The minimum cost of living is going to be $500 a month, but I’m hoping to raise a bit more for extra expenses. I’m going to be asking for $10,000 for the whole year.

$10,000 is a scary number for me. However, I am positive that this is where God is calling me to in the next season of my life. I am confident that He will provide and that He will put the right people in my path who are willing to support me both financially and prayerfully.

Please. If you are not in a place where you can donate financially, send a few prayers my way. I am so grateful to the number of people I know who have supported me on this whole journey. You all have a very special place in my heart and your prayers have made such a difference in my life.

If you would like to support me financially, contact me at or Facebook. If you have any encouraging thoughts, prayers, or words, I would appreciate anything you can give. Let me know if you would like to learn more about anything that I’ve talked about here. Also, send me an e-mail if you would like me to keep you updated with fund-raising events and opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you would like to share this with your friends and family, I would be so grateful. That is a huge way of supporting me even if you cannot do so financially at this time.

Sending super awesome God blessings your way!
And again, let me know what I can be praying for you for!


Whoever loses (her) life for my sake…

“…If you want to follow Me, you must deny yourself the things you think you want. You must pick up your cross and follow Me. The person who wants to save his life must lose it, and she who loses her life for Me will find it. Look, does it make sense to truly become successful, but then to hand over your very soul? What is your soul really worth? The Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory, with His heavenly messengers, and then He will reward each person for what has been done.”  — Matthew 16: 24-27 (The Voice)

Let me give you a piece of my heart:

I have this passion that’s been awakened in me.  It’s for my generation.

God has really laid on my heart that we are going to do GREAT things. We have that potential in us! He has equipped us to be world-changers, mind-blowers, heart-menders.

I know this. I know a few other people who know this.

But for the most part, the very people who I believe this about don’t even know about or understand it. There is no purpose in their life. Most of the time, they are not even aware of their true passions and gifts that God has given them.

Our culture has put blinders its youth. It brings them up telling them the only way to be happy and successful is to follow a certain formula: do well at school, go to college, get a well-paying job, get married, start a family, retire, and…..what’s next? What’s left of life?

If you stray from that path, people disapprove. They tell you you need to be reasonable, to have common-sense.

At the end of your life, what have you accomplished? Were you happy? Did you have true JOY in your life?

I love that I know my life is going to be exciting. I am expecting it to be crazy and ridiculous and sometimes really tough. But it puts on my smile on my face thinking about the adventures and experiences I’m going to have. I have made the decision to leave safe and familiar at the foot of the cross and choose to let God invade my soul and do His work through me. He has promised me that if I lose my life, give up comfort and culture-defined success, then I will gain a life that is beyond anything I could make for myself. He will take my voice, my actions, my circumstances to new levels. He will make me feel FULFILLED in all things.

Back to what my passion is…

I know that I need to share this truth with the youth of my generation. It breaks my heart to see where they COULD be, and where they’re really at.

My dream is to be somewhere where I can be pouring into youth, specifically young adults. Talking with them and uncovering the passions God has put on their hearts. Seeing how they can pursue them. Proclaiming truth that they have so much purpose through God. That He has empowered them to do ANYTHING they want because He and I believe in them.

My hope is that as I and others pass this knowledge down, a movement will start. Where this generation will RISE UP and accomplish the great things God has waiting for us. The truth will be passed down, shared around, and spread! It is my desire to enable many who will affect their friends, communities, and world.

And I believe God will work that through me. 

How exciting is that??

I am sure of my future. I am sure God is going to immeasurably more than I can imagine.

I am so grateful that He has chosen me to accomplish His work on earth. I am so privileged. What did I do to deserve such incomprehensible grace?


My God is great.

Lindsey and I with some the awesome youth in Bethel! Love these people!

I’ve only just begun

Well friends,

My 4 month trip to Nicaragua is over.

I am home back in the states.

I just want to thank each and every one of you who supported me in prayers, emotional and financial support, and following my journey online.

The reason I am going to continue blogging is because…the adventure isn’t over!

Truthfully, I can say that the past four months of my life have been the happiest. They’ve also been the most heart-breaking, the most eye-opening, the most awe-inspiring, the most ridiculous, the most AMAZING as well. To say that God changed my heart is an understatement.

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated high school May of ’11 and planned on taking a year off of school to pursue a singing career. However, that sneaky Jesus decided to send me to Comayagua, Honduras with my church during the summer of ’11 for a week to put a stop to that. While I was there, the Lord worked on my heart and gave me this passion for missions work. I had pretty much NO idea what that entailed, I just knew that God was flipping my plans upside-down and introducing something big.

So now I had this passion. And no idea what to do with it. Thankfully, I have the most awesome youth pastor on the planet, Dan Pratt, who helped me take the next step by finding an organization to take a longer term trip with. Adventures in Missions had the perfect opportunity with their Passport Program for college-aged kids. SO…I signed up to spend 4 months in Nicaragua with 12 complete strangers. You can read about that experience by going back to my older blogs.

While I was there, God spoke to me loud and clear.

Haille, this is what you were made for. These are my people, my children. You were sent here to love them. Not with your own love, but mine. My pure and flawless love. You cannot live an ‘OK’ life. You need to live out the passions and gifts I have given you. Do you want joy? Let me live through you. Surrender your life to me and I will never fail you or give up hope in you.”

I am supposed to be a missionary! What I was doing while in Nicaragua is what gives me absolute freedom. I actually enjoy giving up control. With reckless abandonment. THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR!

This blog is to tell you that I’ve decided to devote my life to missions work. Right now, God is calling me outside of America. Specifically….back to Nicaragua. I am still figuring out logistics and all the details, but I felt like you all should know. There is no way I can do this on my own. I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is where God is calling me right now and He will follow through on His promise to never leave me.

But I also believe that prayer works. Specifically the prayers of YOU! And I am going to need lots of them.

Something I’ve been learning is that in order to let God work in your life, you need to put yourself in situations where if He doesn’t follow through, you’re screwed. Otherwise, you’re limiting the amount of ways He can reveal Himself to you and show you how great of a God He is.

So here I am. This is crazy. This is ridiculously crazy. But I know, I KNOW that this is right. Every time I have listened to what God has asked me to do and trusted Him, He has always come through. Not once have I been let down by Him.

Please be praying for wisdom and discernment in the next steps I will be taking to pursue my calling. Pray that I remember the promises that God has spoken to me and not lose heart. Pray for finances! Lastly, please pray for Nicaragua. That God would be preparing their hearts there to hear the truth about Him and His love and character.

As soon as I figure everything out more definitely, I will update you all. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the  ways that God has blessed me through YOU.

Let me know if there’s anything I can be praying for YOU for!

Te amo con todo mi corazon,

Some of my beautiful girls and I saying Hasta Pronto to Nica!


A Massive Collection of LONG-overdue Pictures

This is a pretty normal day in Bethel. I love my girls!

Baby Harrison, of whom I am extremely enamored.

Loving on Jordan in Bethel.

Beautiful Carlele and an iguana. I love my life 🙂

Young Women's Bible Study! After Lindsey's teaching on God's promises, we wrote down what God had promised us on notecards as a reminder to tangibly have and look at.

Baby Kendall. The love of my life.

Spring cleaning at the Project!

The INCREDIBLE World Race team that stayed with us for their Month 3

11 in the back of the truck! Rolling Nica style!

Making a baseball field with some of the World Racers at the orphanage.

Someone these things always happen to me.
Marcus is sorry. Because it may have been his fault that I am covered in paint.
This is at an orphanage that we did various work projects at! The main one being painting this building.

Friday night movie night with baby Harrison! Irene, Lindsey, and Blanca (Harrison's mom) are to my right.

Kacie, Teresa, and I at our Friday night movie night. Another excuse to get dressed up and look nice 🙂

My beautiful friend Yahaira. I love this woman! So full of wisdom and such a prankster.

We put some new sinks in the Project. First step was knocking holes through the wall.

Sometimes our team decides to go all out to play Sardines. We're legit. I guess...

If you had a shirt that was a 3XL, wouldn't you want to fit a friend in it with you?

Loving on a couple of boys who lived by an enormous garbage dump. It's a hard scene to see, people making their living off the few pieces of trash that they spend all day searching for.

Celebrating Mario Day! He is such an awesome, helpful man with the biggest servant's heart. We wanted to make sure that he knew how much we appreciated him.

New tattoos!
L-R: Naomi, Kacie, Me

Renewing our visas in Costa Rica (long day).

The rainy season has begun!! And always at the most inopportune times...

Gorgeous beach in Leon.
"You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea"

Beautiful reflection time at the beach in Leon

PUPPIES!!!!!!! Little did we know our dog Lotie was pregnant...until one night when she popped out a couple perritos!


This is a sad subject for me. If you know me, you know how much I love pigs. Piglets in particular. Well, we had one. For three wonderful, terribly short days I became best friends with this pig named Chele. And then he was gone. Where to I have no idea. But it was tragic. And still is.

Leading worship at NewSong in Candelaria with Marcus, Shawndell, and Christian.
We were given about 15 minutes notice.

Ohhhh the awkwardness in this picture 🙂
It was Pedro's birthday and he wanted a picture with me...he also wanted to shots with Amy, Lisa, and I. You can't please everyone all the time I guess 😉
Sweet, beautiful baby Katalin is in my arms!

Teaching Joel how to make bracelets. I didn't realize how many people wanted to learn!

My beauties and I at Candelaria watching the sunset.

My Not-So-Hermosas Pies!