Who needs alarm clocks when you have scorpions?

(Posted on 03/11/2012)

Let me spin you a little tale….

From nicaragua.adventures.org
This morning I got stung by a scorpion. Always an interesting experience. 
It is extremely unpleasant to get woken up by something stinging you in the arm.

 At first I thought it was another one of these stupid bees that are always flying around that I have gotten stung by numerous times already. I didn’t see one though so I looked on my arm and saw what I thought was a big spider. I jumped out of bed, screaming, and then realized it was a scorpion scurrying away. This, unfortunately, woke up all the girls (I’m really sorry guys!!) who then proceeded to google solutions and give me things to make the sting stop hurting. Gosh I love my team.

Anyway, so after that all got settled down and we decided I would be fine, I shook out my sheets, banket, and pillow, and got back into bed to study the insides of my eyelids a little more before beakfast. I was laying there, terrified, staring at the wall to see if it would come back. Finally, I decided to just let it go and get to sleep. So I put my hands under my sheet to pull it up and get all snuggly…and felt a second sting. On my hand. More angry than anything else, I jumped out of bed again and saw the scorpion crawl out from my sheets.

By the way, if you ever get stung by a scorpion, I hope for your sake that it’s on a very fleshy part of your body. I found out the hard way that getting stung on your hand hurts a whole mother of a lot worse than your arm.

So, to conclude all of this, I am fine. The scorpion wasn’t deathly poisonous, thank the Lord I’m not allergic to them, and my hand is a little numb and sore, but it’s doing better. Also, my lips are numb? That scopion stuff is some weird junk, let me tell you.


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