Showering has never felt so good!!

(Posted on 01/18/2012)

This is my life??
I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is to be here in Nicaragua. Beautiful people, beautiful sunsets, beautiful VOLCANO IN OUR BACKYARD!
God is so good. He blessed our team with not losing any luggage, and having safe and uneventful flights. Ok, maybe they weren’t quite uneventful. Nay-nay and I certainly had a grand time on our flight from GA to TX in the way back seats of the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. 
BUT, getting back to our current ministry…
We are with Vision Nicaragua, an organization that is just saturating the neighboring villages and communities with Jesus’ love. They also help the people here with learning trades so that they have a way to provide for their families without having to go to work in the sugar cane fields. The fields are sprayed with a toxic pesticide that causes kidney problems for all of the men that work there. 
Since our contact isn’t here at the moment, a lovely couple named Dan and Kathleen are showing us around. They’re presh. It’s inspiring to see how well they connect with the community and just love on them. 
Today we went to the village of Bethel and started to meet some new people. Most of them kids 🙂 I tried to find all the babies and steal them. Plan failed. However, a lot cuddling definitely occurred. 
I am so stoked to see what the rest of the week holds. Amy and I were talking about how nice it is not to have so little days that you count them down. We’re all settled in and unpacked.
Thanks for all your continued prayers! May the Lord bless and keep every one of you 🙂



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