(Posted on 02/25/2012)

To the things and people of this world:

The Lord has taken my life as His. He has claimed my being as His vessel to spread His truth to His people.

He has created me to be a missionary.

He chooses YOU to be one too.

He has given you eyes to see the lost souls, a mouth to speak in love to them, ears to hear their cries, and feet to run to them and give them comfort.

He has put intentionally put you in a situation where this happens every day. Believe me, He has.

When are your eyes going to adjust to the darkness that has invaded this world?

Being a follower of Christ means being a light – Wherever. You. Are. He knows how much you can handle with His strength. So He is going to place things in your life that are opportunities to say “Yes God, I trust You. I trust Your judgment. I trust in the fact that You are mighty. That you are not caught off-guard by my situations.”

They may seem insignificant. They may not be a trip to a different country, or a starving child, or converting someone to Christ. These things are extremely important, and there will be someone that is called to do them.


It may be your close friend, who is struggling with internal battles, a co-worker that is curious about why your actions are different than the norm, a homeless man on the corner who has no hope left in his life, the girl who makes your coffee every morning who is struggling to pay for school and rent, your own family.

I encourage you stop for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you up to the brim with his wisdom and discernment. Ask him to show you where God is calling you to minister.

Then GO.

God has promised that He will help us and support us in all situations. And He is PLEASED when you choose to take a stand, to make a difference in someone’s life because He called to you.

And please be assured,
God WILL speak to you. He has so many things that He is dying to tell you! Promises of a future, sweet murmurs of love, loud shouts of declarations, sincere directions and guidance.
People who have acknowledged their servitude to our precious Father, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THIS WORLD!

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  – John 16:33

Choose to serve the God who gives you life everyday, who knows you inside and out, who will give you victory.Choose to listen to His voice and what He’s telling you to do. Choose to cast away the things the world promises you. For they are temporary. Instead, choose to live life to the fullest, letting God bring you into freedom.


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