7 Layers of Nail Polish

(Posted on 01/28/2012)

Love is….
* 7 layers of nail polish from little girls who make you feel beautiful
* A whispered “te quiero mucho” in your ear
* A sweet smooch on the cheek and little hands that caress your face
* Delicate fingers that run through your hair and smooth it away from your forehead
* Swinging in a hammock and talking about life
* Having 24 hands placed on you and have strength spoken through them
* Walking down the dusty path to the pump to fill up your bucket and lose half of the water on the way back
* Cooking 2 hot meals a day and packing sandwiches for lunch
* Sharing a coke and watching Glee in Spanish
* Standing so that your guests can have the only seats you have
* Stopping at the gas station so that processed food-aholics can get their fix
* A fluffy mess of weeds and dirt that just wants to snuggle

God revealed to me at the beginning of my trip that he was going to show me the true meaning of love. Of his perfect, complete Agape love. Every day I wake up and He fills my love tank up to the brim. It’s so full that it overflows! I am so thankful for the blessings that He rains down on our team every day. He has put a spirit of Unity in our group and that Unity just gets stronger every day.

We finally have a sort of schedule down: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we go work on one of our cooks’ (Estella) house. The team before us put up a lot of blocks and worked really hard on the walls. So we are just finishing the job, building the walls higher and everything else. At the moment, it’s slightly frustrating to not always have a job to do there. We’re all learning though, the importance of being still. I truly believe that God is giving us these opportunities for great conversations. We’ve only been with each other for 2 weeks! There’s still a lot to learn about each other. It’s nice that everyone is different and has their own personality and interests. Definitely makes for some lively debates. Hah.
Tuesdays and Thursdays we spend our time before lunch doing Bible study and Spanish lessons. We have decided that these things are also SO important to grow as a community amongst ourselves. We are here to serve the people of Nicaragua, but also just to stay in fellowship and grow and learn from each other. Aaaaand….most of us don’t really know all that much Spanish, so in order to minister to people better, we need to be learning their language!
Saturday and Sunday are our free days! It has been awesome to have our own “church services” and just learn SO much from each other. We are super excited to go visit a couple of other churchs as well and see what goes on. Also, I am having so much fun doing different adventures and chill days with my team. I’m really glad that everyone here is pretty much up for anything, and we all like to have a good time. There are no end to the ways that we amuse ourselves.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray that our team is continually growing closer to God and together. Pray that we are content to serve in the opportunities that we’ve been given, and that we will be reminded daily that we are making an impact, whether we see it or not. Love you all!


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